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It is the belief of the School Board that the employment of a diverse workforce is essential. The Highline Public Schools School Board recognizes that absent the talent and leadership of impactful and diverse administrators, managers, teachers, and support personnel our system does not have what is essential to execute the complex actions of implementing our strategic plan. Talent across all roles must be systemically recruited and retained to ensure a corps of diverse, capable and impactful employees with a commitment to student success. 

We are committed to the ongoing recruitment and retention of top talent. We believe our recruitment and selection efforts are a cornerstone of our equity strategy for our students and community in action. Just as we look for talented individuals committed to equitable outcomes for our students, our system is committed to disrupt institutional biases and inequitable practices in how we recruit, select, grow, and retain impactful staff.

Recruiting and Selecting a Diverse and Talented Workforce to Enable and Ensure Equitable Conditions for Student and Staff Success
Staff are recruited and selected through equitable hiring processes and practices that highlight their strengths, experiences, perspectives, and potential for continued and future impact. Staff are recruited and selected to assure that students grow and achieve  success in district programs. Staff are highly effective, and have the necessary skills and experiences to meet the learning needs of all students. The district provides field experiences designed to train teachers to be able to improve student learning. Decisions about hiring, assigning, or transferring staff are based on maximizing the effectiveness of that staff member within the district’s programs, and pathways – including grow-your-own programs.  

The District expects hiring teams to reflect the diversity of our schools and community and for those teams to engage in training on implicit bias in the hiring process.

The superintendent establishes the necessary skills, competencies, qualifications, education, experience, and past performance levels for each position, as it relates to the district’s comprehensive, responsive, and viable program of education, and the goal of continued improvement in student learning. Selection of staff is based on which candidates demonstrate essential knowledge, skills, experience, and dispositions in alignment to our strategic plan, and is made pursuant to the district’s standard screening, interview and reference check process, in alignment to our Equity (0010) and Nondiscrimination and Equitable Employment Practices (5010) policies. 

The superintendent regularly evaluates the effectiveness of the district’s staff recruitment and selection processes, and reports the findings and recommendations from the evaluation to the board. 

The superintendent is authorized to create procedures in support of this policy.

District Cross Reference:
Equity  Policy - Policy  0010
Workplace Environment and Culture – Policy 5000
Employment: Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances and Approval - Policy 5005
Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action - Policy 5010
Substitute Employment - Policy 5610

WSSDA Cross Reference:
Recruitment and Selection of Staff – WSSDA Policy 5000

Legal Reference:
Hiring and discharging employees —Written leave policies — Seniority and leave benefits, retention upon transfers of employees transferring between school districts and other educational employers - RCW 28A.400.300
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Management Resources:
Model Policies Aligned with Washington School Board Standards - Policy News, December 2014
Model Policies Aligned with Washington School Board Standards - Policy News, February 2012

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: August 2000
Revised by the Board: 3.04, 3.17, 11.19
Classification: Priority