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The Highline School District will offer a program of transportation to and from school for students who reside in the service area of the school of attendance but in excess of the following road mileage limits: (a) for elementary pupils, one (1) mile; (b) for middle school pupils, one and a half (1-1/2) miles; and (c) for high school pupils, two (2) miles. In addition, such transportation program shall include all students with disabilities who are not ambulatory and/or who are not capable of protecting their own welfare while traveling to and/or from the school or agency where special education services are provided in which case no road mileage distance restriction applies. Payments shall be made in lieu of transportation to parents or guardians of such students with disabilities if the district is unable to provide transportation. Road mileage distance restrictions  may be waived for any student who qualifies for an exemption due to hazardous walking conditions within the provisions of the state-approved plan.

The district's transportation program shall comply in all ways with state law and regulation. Transportation services of the district shall include approved bus routes, district-approved field trips, school activities   (participants only) and extracurricular activities (rooters). The superintendent is authorized to permit a parent of a student enrolled in school to ride a bus when excess seating is available and private or other public transportation is not reasonably available.

The board of directors may authorize children attending an approved private school to ride a school bus provided that the bus route and stops are not altered, space is available, and a fee to cover the per seat cost for such transportation is collected.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures for emergency exit drills and bus safety, and shall develop written rules and provide for instruction of school bus drivers and students who ride school buses consistent with applicable state regulations.

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Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: November 13 1985
Revised by the Board: 05.93