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School Activities. Transportation shall be provided by the district for all activities which have been officially designated by the board as school activities. The board so designates the following activities:

1. Educational field trips growing out of regular classroom activity which are planned by the teacher, approved by the principal; director Learning Resources and assistant superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction and supervised by school staff; and

2. Participation in athletics, debate, drama or music programs or other board approved co- curricular programs which are approved by the Activities Director.

Extracurricular Activities. The superintendent may authorize the use of district transportation vehicles for extracurricular activities, such as rooter buses for games. Such vehicles may be so used only when the users pay an amount sufficient to reimburse the district for the complete cost of such use. Users of such service shall be limited to those directly involved in the extracurricular activities sponsored by the district.

Leasing of Buses. The board may enter into a written lease agreement with any of the following:

1. A nonprofit organization transporting handicapped children and/or persons at least 60 years of age to and from the site of activities or programs deemed beneficial to such persons by such organizations, provided that commercial bus service is not reasonably available for such purpose;

2. A governmental agency transporting personnel, supplies and/or evacuees in the event of a major forest fire, flood or other natural disaster;

3. A user conducting an educational recreation program supported wholly or in part by tax funds.

Such a lease agreement shall contain a clause absolving the district of any and all liability arising from the lessee's use and operation of the district's buses and a clause requiring the lessee to maintain adequate insurance to recompense the district for the potential loss of the buses leased. Potential users shall stipulate in writing that commercial or charter bus service is not reasonably available to provide the services for which a school bus is needed. The user shall reimburse the district for the actual costs plus a reasonable fee for use of the bus.

Cooperation Programs. The superintendent may enter into cooperative transportation agreements with other districts when it is economically advantageous to the cooperating districts and when it does not impair the quality of educational programs available to students.

Legal Reference: 
Transporting of  children  to school  or  school activities--Transporting of elderly--Insurance - RCW 28A.24.055    
Lease of buses to transport handicapped children and elderly--Limitation - RCW 28A.24.110
Lease of buses to transport handicapped children and elderly--Elderly persons defined--Program limitation - RCW 28A.24.120
School buses, rental or lease for emergency purposes-- Authorization- RCW 28A.24.170
Agreements with other governmental entities for transportation of public or other noncommon school purposes-Limitations - RCW 28A.24.180
School bus operation for extracurricular use - WAC 180-20-106

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: November 13, 1985