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A risk management program shall be implemented to reduce or eliminate risks where possible, to determine which risks the district can afford to assume and to transfer to an insurance company those risks which the district does not wish to assume or cannot economically afford  to  assume. Such a program shall consider the benefits, if any, of joining with other units of local government for joint  purchasing of  insurance,  joint  self-insuring  or  joint  employment  of  a  risk manager. The superintendent shall assign the primary responsibility for the administration and supervision of the risk management program to a single person.

The district shall maintain liability insurance, fidelity bonds, errors and omission insurance, and policies to protect district property. All federal and state laws, rules and regulations will be  followed for the protection and safety of the district and the employees.

Legal References:
Liability, life,  health, health  care,  accident,  disability and salary  insurance authorized--Premiums - RCW 28A.58.420
Liability insurance for officials and employees authorized - RCW 28A.58.423
Mandatory insurance protection for employees - RCW 28A.58.425
Actions against officers, employees or agents of school districts and educational service districts--Defense, costs, fees--Payment of obligation - RCW 28A.58.620
Officers, employees or agents of school districts or educational service districts, insurance to protect and hold personally harmless - RCW 28A.58.630
Risk management services - RCW 48.62.030
Joint action by local government entities - RCW 48.62.040
Joint self insurance pool--Approved by state risk manager required--Procedure - RCW 48.62.050
Joint  self-insurance  pool--Powers enumerate - RCW 48.62.100
Chapter No. 190, Laws of 1981 - ESSB 3128
First aid training and certification - WAC 296-24-060
First aid kit - WAC 296-24-065

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: November 13, 1985