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Philosophy: Highline School District believes that technology’s focus should drive innovation through portability, flexibility, and responsiveness, where the District will provide its employees with the technology that facilitates performance, meets green initiatives and increases usefulness for their work, when and where possible.

Policy: The district encourages employees to use district technology for professional purposes. Our staff also works in an environment that necessitates, by business, classroom or curricular requirements to work and submit information regularly. In these instances, it is appropriate for an employee to take portable technology off district property. It is important that employees have an annual approval form (see 8321F) on file including the employee's immediate supervisor’s signature prior to removing technology from district property.

The district knows that the use of district technology for work, presentations, etc., outside of district properties is beneficial for the employee and often for the district as well. The district shall assume responsibility for loss, damage, or theft when the technology is used on district property and when appropriate security measures have been used. For non-district property, this agreement assumes the employee has conducted safe transport and any theft or damage resulting from an accident or burglary via a car or household shall be at the employee’s responsibility. The employee shall retain a copy of 8321F and a copy must be on file with the administrator from which the technology is taken.

Term of technology use: This agreement spans the annual term of employment at a particular school, program or department. A new form must be signed each year.

Insurance: The employee agrees to strongly consider the following liability information before taking this technology off district property.

The employee understand that she/he should confirm her/his level of personal insurance coverage to offset their personal liability for off district property use – specifically notifying her/his homeowner’s/renter’s insurance company that she/he wishes to have such policy insure the referenced equipment (approx. items’ value – see subordinate procedure document for value) if lost or stolen while in her/his custody off district property. If not certain of her/his ability to sustain the liability in case of off district property loss and/or theft, either through insurance or otherwise, she/he is advised to keep the equipment locked at her/his office location outside of work hours or be personally liable for the technology’s replacement value at time of loss.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: December 1988
Revised by the Board: 05.13
Classification: Discretionary