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The School Board recognizes the responsibility to wisely manage the use of natural resources consumed in the day-to-day operation of the district as well as to develop and maintain programs that support the conservation of those resources. In recognition of its leadership responsibility, the district shall strive to institute an effective energy and resource management plan.

The goal of this policy is to create and maintain healthy, safe and sustainable school environments through increased efficiency, reduced resource use, and reduced utility expenses. A long-term resource conservation management plan will lessen energy, water, and natural gas use as well as encourage recycling, using adopted standards and procedures for operations, maintenance, and construction. Further, the plan will involve and educate all staff and students about the importance of conserving non-renewal resources like fossil fuels that contribute to environmental damage.

Conservation and greater efficiency will be gained through implementation of the following non- exhaustive procedures, which are focused on the areas below:

Building Standards: Review and modify to support increased efficiency and district conservation efforts.

Utility Accounting: Ongoing tracking and analysis to manage utility costs and consumption and to determine building performance.

Natural Gas: Schedule HVAC based on building occupancy, consolidate community user groups, promote improved occupant behaviors, institute operations and maintenance procedures; assess, monitor and upgrade gas-using equipment.

Electricity: Schedule HVAC based on building occupancy, remove personal appliances, increase efficiency with appropriate equipment, software, and procedures.

Refuse/Recycling: Expand recycled materials as much as possible, provide annual educational materials, and monitor service volumes and collection schedules.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: January 13, 1993
Revised by the Board: 09.11