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All construction shall be done as close as possible to the provisions and timetables of the Capital Facilities Improvement Plan. Each new construction or renovation project shall be included in a School Board-approved budget. Projects that are eligible for state assistance shall follow applicable state board regulations regarding compliances and contractor assurances and other practices designed to insure quality.

The Superintendent or designee shall report periodically to the Board the progress of the projects and his/her assessment of whether the projects are proceeding within budget. The Executive Director of Capital Planning & Construction shall review the general condition of each project when submitted by the architect and prior to approval of the contract documents by the Board and shall assume responsibility to see conditions are proper and sufficient to protect the Highline School District.

Change Orders (CO’s), Construction Change Directives (CCD’s) and Architect Change Directives (ACD’s) may be necessary because of a change in contract or design work in order to avoid a delay in construction or design or in cases where the costs would increase if an immediate decision is not made. All change orders must ultimately be approved, reviewed and/or confirmed by the School Board. The Superintendent will be responsible for developing specific change order, construction change directive and architect change directive procedures which include the provision that any changes in excess of $250,000 must be approved in advance by the Board. In cases where approval is needed immediately in order to avoid project delay, the Superintendent or designee may approve the change. Such changes shall be presented to the Board for confirmation at the next regular meeting. Changes under $250,000 may be authorized by the Superintendent or designee. All change orders, construction change directives, and architect change directives will be reported to the Board.

Legal Reference:
Prevailing Wages on Public Works - RCW 39.12
Unfair Practices of Employers - RCW 49.60.180
Civil Rights Act of 1964 Rehabilitation Act of 1973 - Section 504 Title VII
Bond required--Conditions--Retention of contract amount in lieu of bond - RCW 39.08.010
Plans and specifications--Estimates--Publications—Emergencies - RCW 39.04.020
Work to be executed according to plans-Supplemental plans - RCW 39.04.040
Account and record of cost - RCW 39.04.070
Certified copy to be filed Engineers' certificate - RCW 39.04.080
Records open to public inspection - RCW 39.04.100

Cross Reference:
Grants & Contracts - Policy 6225

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: August 1984
Revised by the Board: 06.87, 04.89, 08.02, 5.17