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Before the board decides to reopen a previously used school facility, it shall have received from the superintendent a rationale for such a decision and a report, which includes a review of the following:

1. Projected or actual enrollment increases;

2. Effect the reopening would have on other facilities and the instructional program;

3. Financial considerations in terms of such factors as cost increases or savings and projected maintenance and operation costs.

4. The financial costs to meet health, safety and all other code requirements as provided by law.

A school district hearing will be held when a permanent reopening of a school facility is being considered. Such a hearing shall be at least 60 days prior to any such actual reopening.

Notices of each hearing shall be published once each week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the area. The last notice of hearing shall be published not later than seven days immediately before the final hearing. In addition, the district will communicate directly with parents and students who would be impacted by the reopening of facilities.

This policy does not preclude the staff from reopening or closing a facility for educational purposes on a temporary or emergency basis, and whether or not there will be a public hearing will be at the discretion of the board.

Comments received from public hearings will be advisory only. The final determination as to whether or not a facility shall be reopened and what alternatives the district shall take shall be made by the board.

Legal Reference:
Corporate Power - RCW 28A.58.010
Unforeseen Conditions - RCW 28A.41.170
State Environmental Policy Act - 43.21C

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: August 1984
Revised by the Board: 09.89
Classification: Essential