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Procedure 2400 P3 – HIGH SCHOOL & BEYOND PLAN

A student’s courses in high school should be scheduled to meet multiple goals:

  • Meeting state and local graduation requirements
  • Responding to student interests and needs
  • Meeting the requirements of one or more graduation pathways (see Procedure 2410P1)

Frequent review and adjustment to the student’s High School & Beyond Plan (HSBP) is a way to meet that graduation requirement but also to ensure that students’ goals for their post-high school life are met.  Additionally, students, families, and staff have expressed interest in increasing time and intentionality focused on preparing students for life after graduation.  

The HSBP in Highline Public Schools is a coherent and robust scope and sequence of lessons and experiences delivered by dedicated, knowledgeable staff.  This model will improve our ability to fulfill our promise of every student graduating prepared for the future they choose with a plan aligned to their values, goals and aspirations.  

The district will ensure all students have access to an electronic system to access and develop a high school and beyond plan which will be used throughout the secondary experience to support student learning towards specific post-secondary goals, including but not limited to course taking.  This tool will culminate in a robust plan that each student will graduate with to guide their path beyond graduation.  This plan will be used when students make course requests as outlined in Procedure 2400P4.

The HSBP is a meaningful, individualized plan that is grounded in students’ interests, strengths, and hopes for their future. Through deeper, structured conversations with caring adults and real world experiences, students stay engaged, on-track toward graduation, and are prepared for success after high school. 

HSBPs increase staff knowledge of their students’ strengths and needs and support students in graduating prepared for the future they choose. The plan, which will be revised as student interests or goals change, should be developed in collaboration with the student, parent/guardian, and district staff.  Each student plan should be reviewed at least annually to assess student progress; refine the plan, including course registration; and review vision for the student’s activities post-high school based on prior experiences.  This is also the opportunity to assess the student’s progress towards the successful completion of one or more graduation pathways and, ultimately, successful completion of high school.  

The HSBP is also where a student’s choice to use the Personal Pathway option is recorded.  Students who choose to replace up to one (1) arts credit or up to two (2) world language credits through the Personal Pathway option must indicate which courses they are planning substituting in their HSBP.  Courses used to replace art and/or world language must be specifically related to the student’s post-high school plans, as outlined in their HSBP.  Students must submit the Personal Pathways Requirement Planning and Request Form (2400F) to their Principal/designee for approval.

Students may receive up to 0.125 credit per year for completing the HSBP.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Superintendent: June 2020

Revised by the Superintendent: 03.22