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In order to reach the goals outlined in policy 2400 and ensure a meaningful graduation, central office partners support schools to design master schedules that prioritize meeting student needs and interests as indicated through the student course request procedure 2400P4.   

By mid-October each year, schools will analyze students’ transcripts to identify courses needed to support graduation.  Additional analysis of students’ areas of interest, as indicated in their HSBP, will identify the need for courses in existing elective course progressions, as well as long term planning for future program offerings.

In November each year, based on consideration of the HSBP, schools will collect input from students on current elective offerings and any possible changes to those offerings.  Any new courses identified will begin the course approval process in November.

In December and January, students make course requests, as outlined in 2400 P4, and aligned with the school’s approved academic program.  Information for students in specific programs and receiving specific supports will be identified during this time.  

Central office partners provide initial budget and enrollment information in January, allowing for planning to begin for the resource allocation meetings that take place in March.  The most up to date information will be shared at that time, with any updated information provided as it becomes available.

In February, with student course requests in place, schools begin building master schedules built on students’ needs, and prioritize equitable access to courses with a focus on eliminating disproportionate enrollment in any course.  In alignment with school improvement planning, any barriers to implementing the approved academic program are collaboratively addressed by schools and central office partners. 

In March, schools share a draft master schedule, including the number of projected courses needed based on course requests.  During the resource allocation meeting, central office partners support schools to address remaining barriers to implement the approved academic program through the master schedule.

From April through June, further refinements are made, with a final master schedule completed by the end of the school year.  Minimal changes may be needed prior to the opening of the school year due to shifts in enrollment.  

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Superintendent: June 2020