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Procedures for Completing 1.5 Physical Education (PE) credits:

  1. PE5300 – Fitness Foundations (0.5 credits)
    Entry Level Physical Education Course (recommended for Freshmen as a pre-requisite for all other PE courses)
  • Recommended: Enroll in class.  This is the traditional and most recommended course of action.
  • Alternative: Online Version: Students who fit the criteria below must complete Physical Education Equivalency Form A at least two weeks prior to enrollment. This course will be facilitated by certified physical education teacher in the district.

PE5300 Online Criteria

  • Physical Disability—Attach verification from doctor or health care professional indicating that participation in a physical education class will be detrimental to the student’s health.
  • Academic Interest—Attach four-year planned signed by student’s counselor that demonstrates an inability to take the class during the regularly scheduled school-day due to academic interest.
  • Other Cause—as discussed with counselor
  1. Remaining 1.0 Physical Education Credits
    After completing PE 5300, students now have the choice to select any physical education class from their school’s course catalog.  Students must complete an additional 1.0 credits to meet the district’s graduation requirement.
  • Recommended: Enroll in a PE Course offered through the school’s course catalog (i.e. yoga, net sports, team sports, weight training, personal fitness, or dance/conditioning).
  •  Alternative: Directed Athletics: Students who participate in a school/community sponsored activity must apply using Physical Education Equivalency Form B to obtain a 0.5 PE credit.
    • Directed Athletics Criteria
      • Students may obtain Physical Education Equivalency Form B from the district website to apply for Directed Athletics course.
      • Physical Education Equivalency Form B must be completed and approved no later than two weeks after the start of the season.  A student participating in a community sponsored activity must submit the form within one year of participating in the activity. 
      • If approved, students will receive syllabus and login information for the online Directed Athletics course. 
      • Students must maintain good standing with their activity for the entire season (no academic ineligibility, no more than 15% of practices missed, no violation of team/district athletic code, and return uniforms and/or equipment.
      • Students must complete online course work no later than 2 weeks after the activity season has concluded.  Failure to turn in all course work on time will result in a “Fail” and no credit.
      • Students who do not receive a pass will have 5 weeks in order to make corrections to any of the written work.
      • Upon completion, the physical education teacher facilitating this course will issue a pass / fail grade to the registrar.

Procedures for completing the High School and Beyond Plan:
Students in middle and high school complete four lessons each year as part of their High School and Beyond Plan. Generally, these lessons are completed in Family Connection as part of advisory.

Students who miss a high school and beyond lesson may make up the lesson during their advisory class, in another school based setting, or, as appropriate, outside of the school day. In extenuating circumstances, a waiver may be granted to an individual student by the office of Secondary Success and College Readiness.

Students transferring into Highline Public Schools from another district are not required to complete the HSBP lessons from previous grade levels. However, they are required to complete all of the grade level lessons for the school year they enter.

Starting in the 9th grade year of the class of 2021, each school will determine their process for tracking HSBP progress and share with the office of Secondary Success and College Readiness.

HSPB Completion Documentation Options

  • Option 1: Each lesson, at each grade level is checked and recorded as complete by advisory teachers. Completion records are submitted to appropriate school-based staff.
  • Option 2: Seniors compile a portfolio of completed HSBP tasks. Portfolios are reviewed by advisory teachers or school counselors and completion records are submitted to appropriate school-based staff.
  • Option 3: Students track their progress on HSBP lessons yearly and develop a portfolio of artifacts as they progress through grades 7-12. Portfolios “travel” with students through their advisory class and completion records are submitted to appropriate school-based staff.
  • Option 4: Schools design their own method of tracking HSBP completion. Options include: junior and senior year one on one meeting in College and Career Center, printing Naviance reports and notifying registrars of completion.

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