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The district recognizes that report cards issued at the end of each semester are the official district progress reports. The district also recognizes the value of maintaining open and regular communication with parents, guardians, and students; and when possible, parents, guardians and students should be informed if students are in danger of not earning a passing grade.

Regular updates, approximately biweekly, to the online gradebook and teacher- family contact are designed to keep parents, guardians and students informed throughout the semester. A Mid-Semester Progress Report will be shared at the mid-point of each semester. It is especially important to provide documentation when No Credit grades are challenged by students, parents, or guardians alleging that sufficient warning had not been provided; to accomplish this, an At-Risk Progress Report will be provided as the mid-point of the 2nd and 4th quarter for any students not on track to earn a passing grade, as well as those on track to earn a D.

If a student has not been informed of the possibility of not earning a passing grade, then that student should earn credit unless there are extenuating circumstances which would justify not earning a passing grade. This cannot be construed to mean a student must earn credit unless identified as at risk for “no credit” at mid-quarter. An example of such an extenuating circumstance would be when a large portion of a grade is determined by a standard assessed through assignments and/or test(s) completed after the A-Risk Progress Reports have been sent. Teachers will be expected to have documentation to support the extenuating circumstance in such instances.


Highline School District 401

Adopted by the Superintendent: November 21, 1988

Revised by the Superintendent: 09.95, 08.21, 06.23