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I. The process and guidelines are applicable to those foreign exchange students entering the Highline School District under the sponsorship of an organization or an individual. Students coming to the district with a J-1 visa will enroll at their assigned school through the principal's office. Students with a F-1 visa must obtain approval for admission to the district through the Student Placement Office.

II. All required documentation is to be filed with the building principal or the Student Placement Office no later than September 1 for entry in the fall semester or by January 25 for entry at the second semester. Students are encouraged not to leave their country prior to review of their file and acceptance by the school district.

III. The following procedures, timeline, and student application documents apply when enrolling a foreign exchange student.  (Submit all documents translated into English.)

A. The foreign exchange student must be between fifteen and eighteen years of age and reside with a host family or sponsoring family within the Highline School District's boundaries.  The student must provide proof of his/her age and date of birth.

B. The foreign exchange student shall have the English language competence and academic ability to effectively participate in the regular program of the Highline School District. Acceptable documentation of the student's proficiency  may  be scores from TOEFL or SLEP or other standardized tests. The student must submit a notarized copy (in English) of his/her high school transcript showing the classes taken and grades and credits received for evaluation. Each foreign exchange student shall submit a written essay (in English) as to why he/she wants this exchange experience.

C.It is not the district's responsibility to provide any form of special tutorial help in English proficiency or academic or financial assistance.

D.The foreign exchange student shall be enrolled as a full time equivalent student.

E. Advance proof of adequate medical coverage for each exchange student will be required.

F. Immunization record and a student health report completed by a physician in the student's resident country must have been translated into English.

G. A notarized statement must be provided that the organization or natural parents/host family will meet the student's financial expenses while he/she is a full time student.

H. The foreign exchange student shall provide the district with the name, address, and phone number of both the sponsoring family and his/her natural parents/guardians.

I. The foreign exchange student must comply with all laws, rules and regulations of the Immigration and Naturalization Service as well as all policies and procedures of the Highline School District.

J. A foreign exchange student, sponsored by an individual, needing an I-20 in order to enter the U.S. will be issued one by the Student Placement Office only after all information and proper documentation has been returned, reviewed, and approved.

K. Following approval for admission of a student with a F-1 visa by the Student Placement Office, the foreign exchange student's file will be presented to the appropriate building administrator for acceptance. Copies of all significant documents will be provided to the administrator in advance of the student's arrival. The student shall present himself/herself to the accepting school at least two days prior to the beginning of the semester to complete registration.

L. Visiting foreign students in one-year programs will not be awarded a high school diploma. A certificate of attendance will be issued to eligible twelfth grade students who may be recognized at commencement exercises. A foreign exchange student will be enrolled at the grade level consistent with the number of years in school.

M. Foreign exchange students who attend the Highline School District for more than one school year and complete all graduation requirements will receive a diploma.

IV. All foreign exchange student organizations wishing to place students within the Highline School District must be approved by Council on Standards for International Educational Travel and United States Information Agency.

The U.S. Immigration Service and United States Information Agency will be notified whenever a sponsoring organization or sponsoring individual does not comply with the district policies governing the admittance of foreign exchange students.

V.    If, in the judgement of the school district, a sponsoring organization or sponsoring individual does not meet the district's standards, they will be denied the opportunity to place a student in any of the district's schools until such time as the difficulties have been resolved to the district's satisfaction.

Highline School District 401
Approved by the Superintendent: June 6, 1990
Revised by the Superintendent: 01.92, 02.96