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These procedures must be followed in order to implement or change a Mandatory Student Dress Code or Uniform.

  1. It is required that the school involve, at a minimum, staff and parents in the planning and implementation stages of a mandatory dress code or uniform policy.
  2. For a new dress code or uniform at a school, where the school has not had a dress code or uniform before, schools must obtain a super majority of parent/guardian approval by ballot in order to implement this policy.  For the purpose of this procedure, a super majority is defined as a 2/3 endorsement of returned ballots, one ballot per family.  The school must mail one return-address, postage-paid ballot to each family.  Secondary schools must survey the parents of the incoming class from its feeder school(s).
  3. In schools where a dress code or uniform is already in existence and there is interest in changing the requirements, the school must survey parents/guardians before making any decisions.  The survey should include the proposed changes to the dress code or uniform requirements and the school’s rationale for making the changes. When announcing any changes the school should also announce the results of the survey.
  4. The school shall communicate to parents the following information specific to the Mandatory Student Dress Code or Uniform Policy:

a. types, colors and size/fit of clothing or uniforms

b. requirements for jackets/outer garments

c. optional articles of attire, if any

d. compliance measures to be employed

e. the availability of financial support and the procedures for applying for assistance

f. methods to facilitate recycling of uniforms within the school community

g. notice of uniform sales and lists of competitive prices from vendors

5. The means by which this information is communicated shall include three or more of the following:

a. School newsletters

b. Parent forums

c. Personal contact via telephone notification

d. PTSA meetings and newsletters

e. Site Councils

f. Registration materials

g. Flyers

h. Emails

6. The school shall evaluate a new mandatory dress code or uniform after the first year of implementation.  The school population must be included in the evaluation process.  The school shall review the results of the evaluation, present the data to the voting population, and make modifications, if any, as needed.

7. The school shall develop written consequences and procedures for mandatory dress code or uniform violations.  The school must include the voting population in the development and decision making process.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the School Board: December 1996
Revised by the Superintendent: 5.17