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Life Threatening Condition:
A life threatening health condition means a condition that will put the child in danger of death during the school day if a medication, and/or treatment order providing authority to a registered nurse, and nursing care plan are not in place. Following submission of the medication and/or treatment order, the registered nurse will develop the nursing care plan.

Students who have a life-threatening health condition and no medication and/or treatment order presented to the school will be excluded from school, with the exception of students who qualify as McKinney-Vento or Foster Care.

If a medication or treatment is ordered by a Licensed Healthcare Provider (LHP), and the medication and/or treatment provisions are not supplied to the school, students will be excluded from school, with the exception of students who qualify as McKinney-Vento or Foster Care.

Students will be excluded to the extent that the district can do so consistent with federal requirements for students with disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and according to the due process requirements in School District Procedure 3413P.

Procedure Process: Roles and Responsibilities for Life-Threatening Conditions


  1. Life threatening conditions information is on the district website at all times.
  2. All parent(s)/guardian(s) are notified annually of the law regarding life-threatening health conditions in school.
  3. Each Spring (May/June), all parent(s)/guardian(s) of students with known health conditions will be notified and receive forms needing completion prior to the start of the next school year, giving them time to complete the needed documentation prior to the start of the new school year.

Annual Training:

  1. General training of life-threatening health condition signs/symptoms, treatments and monitoring is required for all school staff. The school nurse provides this training annually and as needed.
  2. Student specific training to designated staff, who will be directly responsible for providing care to students with life-threatening health conditions, will receive specific training from the school nurse prior to the student starting school.

Student Health History:

All enrolled students are required annually to submit a completed online enrollment verification to update health history information for the current school year. This includes new enrollments and currently enrolled students moving up grades.

  1. In the event that online enrollment verification is not complete, the designated enrollment staff will provide the family with a paper health history form. The health information from the paper Health History form is entered in the electronic database by the school nurse or their designee.

a)    The Health History form may be scanned and attached to a health database, if that function is available and secure.

b)    The Health History form may be destroyed once the information is entered in the electronic database or may be retained and stored in a secured location until the end of its respective school year if it has been entered into the electronic database.

Individualized Health Plans (IHP) and Emergency Care Plans (ECP):

  1. IHPs and/or ECPs are developed by school nurses and in some cases by Licensed Healthcare Providers (LHP).

a)    Plans that are developed by an outside LHP must always be reviewed by the school nurse before placement of the student.

  1. IHPs and/or ECPs are entered into the electronic database for all respective staff to be able to access.

a)    An electronic and/or a print copy of the IHP and/or ECPs will be distributed to the district staff/employees for the students they come in contact with (Teachers, Dietary Department, Specialists, Librarians, Music, PE, Instructional Coaches, Interventionists, Bus drivers, etc.).

b)    Teachers are responsible for placing a copy of their students’ IHP and/or ECP into their substitute folders.

c)     Copies of all student IHPs and/or ECPs will be placed in a designated, accessible place, available to all school staff, including substitute office staff.

  1. IHPs and/or ECPs on green colored paper indicate that a student has a potentially life-threatening health condition.

Exclusion Process for Non-compliance with Life-Threatening Health Conditions at School:

Following proper notification, the school will exclude any student for non-compliance with the life-threatening condition laws, subject to the appeal procedures for student expulsions (Policy 3241). Parents have a right to a hearing, provided they notify the school within three (3) days after receiving the exclusion order from the school principal. If the parent requests a hearing, the district will notify in writing the parent/guardian and school principal of the time and place for the hearing and will present the case to a hearing officer appointed by the superintendent.

The principal or designee shall provide written notice of exclusion to parent(s)/guardian(s) in person or by certified mail informing them of the following:

  1. Life-Threatening Health Condition requirements: the need for medications and/or treatment order from a Licensed Healthcare Provider (LHP) and supplies, and preparation of a nursing care plan.
  2. The denial of further attendance by the student.
  3. The procedural due process rights: Parent(s)/guardian(s) shall have a right to a hearing, provided they notify the school within 3 days after receiving the exclusion order from the school principal. If the parent(s)/guardian(s) requests a hearing, the parent(s)/guardian(s) and school principal shall be notified in writing of the time and place for the hearing and shall present the case to a hearing officer appointed by the superintendent.

Exceptions for Life Threatening Conditions laws include:
Students who qualify as McKinney-Vento (Policy 3115) or Foster Care (Policy 3116) may NOT be excluded from school for lack of compliance for Life Threatening Condition requirements. They still must fill out a district Health History Form as much as possible and have it signed by the parent/guardian. The Registrar must notify the McKinney-Vento Liaison, Foster Care Liaison and School Nurse and enroll the student.

School Office Procedure for Enrolling Students with Life-Threatening Health Conditions (with the exception of student qualified as McKinney-Vento or Foster Care)

Definition of Life-threatening health condition: A health condition that will put the child in danger of death during the school day and requires emergency medication, treatment or nursing care plan at school. RCW 28A.210 requires Licensed Healthcare Provider (LHP) orders and a nursing care plan in place before a student attends school.


Parent/Guardian completes online enrollment or annual enrollment verification which includes Health History section and Emergency Information.

Nursing staff are automatically notified when a new student enrolls with health concerns.

If any Health Conditions are marked or if emergency medication is brought to school:

Inform parent that their child cannot start/attend school until the following are received at school and reviewed by the school nurse:

1. Necessary medical/treatment orders from the student’s licensed healthcare provider.

2. Medical equipment that is necessary in the school setting.

3. Health care plan that is developed by the school nurse and/or licensed healthcare provider.

Give the parent/guardian any necessary forms, such as:

  • Medical Authorization Form
  • Mutual Exchange of Confidential Medical Information
  • Allergy/Anaphylaxis (newly enrolled students)
  • Asthma Packet (newly enrolled students)
  • Seizure Packet (newly enrolled students)
  • Other LTC Packet (newly enrolled students)

Designated enrollment staff will provide the parent/guardian the name and number of the school nurse assigned to the student’s school site . Parent/guardian needs to contact school nurse prior to student beginning school.


Students cannot enter school until necessary medical information is submitted and reviewed by the school nurse, with the exception of students qualified as McKinney-Vento or Foster Care.

Health History
Known Health Conditions Letter
Emergency Care Plan
Individualized Health Care Plan
Authorization for Exchange of Medical Information
Diet Prescription
Texture Modification
Medication Authorization
Request for Treatment
Student no longer has Life Threatening Health Condition and/or no longer needs medication and/or treatment plans

Cross reference with Policy/Procedures:
Student Health - Policy 3410
Medication in Schools - Policy 3416
Accommodating Diabetes - Policy 3415
Self Administration of Asthma of Anaphylaxis Medication - Policy 2419
Anaphylaxis Prevention - Policy 3420
Homeless Students Enrollment Rights and Services - Policy 3115
Students in Foster Care - Policy 3116

Guidelines for Care of Students with Anaphylaxis OSPI March 2009
Uniform Staff Training Policy: Students with Asthma, OSPI September 2008
Bulletin NO 61-20 Learning and Teaching Support (Life Threatening Conditions


Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Superintendent: August 1985
Revised by the Superintendent: 5.90, 5.11, 6.14, 4.17, 6.18, 10.19, 6.23