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Procedure 4200 - VISITORS

The following guidelines are established to permit visitors to observe the educational program with minimal disruption:

1. All visitors must report to the office upon their arrival at a school and will state the purpose of their visit.

2. Visitors whose purpose is to influence or solicit students shall not be permitted on the school grounds unless the visit furthers the educational program of the district. Military recruiters will be provided the same opportunities to meet with students as higher education and employer representatives.

a. Each school shall have the flexibility to determine when recruiters may visit, but in order to be in compliance with the equal access rule, no organization that recruits shall have the opportunity to visit any single campus more than twice per school year.  Highline Public Schools career fairs or pre-approved private appointments are not included as a campus visit.  For the purposes of this policy, each branch of an organization that recruits is considered a separate recruiting organization (e.g. UW Seattle and UW Bothell would be considered to be two organizations.)

3. If the visitor wishes to observe a classroom, the time shall be arranged after the principal has conferred with the teacher. A visitor may make prior arrangements directly with the teacher, in which case the teacher will notify the principal of the impending meeting.

4. If the purpose of the classroom visitation is to observe learning and teaching activities, the principal or designee will request the visitor to confer with the teacher before or after the observation to enhance understanding of the activities. The time of such conference will be prearranged.

5. The principal may ask potential visitors to postpone their visits if it might adversely affect particular events such as testing. Similarly, if a visitor's presence becomes disruptive, the principal may withdraw approval. In either case, the principal shall give reasons for the action.

6. If a dispute arises regarding limitations on visits:

a. The visitor shall first discuss the matter with the principal;

b. If the dispute is not satisfactorily resolved, the visitor may request a meeting with the District Ombudsman who shall investigate the dispute and render a written decision, which shall be final, subject only to the citizen's right to raise an issue in open meeting at a regular session of the Board.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Superintendent: May 1983
Revised by the Superintendent: 11.03, 1.15