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The superintendent shall determine and maintain a schedule of applicable charges of use of school facilities designed to reimburse the district for its costs in making facilities available to user groups.

District facilities may be used for open meetings subject to the policies of the district. District functions shall have priority over community requests for facility use. However, the board does not by this policy intend nor does it authorize the creation of a limited open forum for student groups as defined in the federal Equal Access Act.

The superintendent possesses the authority to make the final decision on use of school facilities by a group. The group may appeal such decision to the board.

All applicants may be held responsible for any expenses incurred by the district arising out of the use of a facility.

All applicants must indemnify and save harmless the Highline School District from all liability resulting from use of requested facilities.

All rental fees are payable in advance of the use date. If a series of uses is requested, the district will consider allowing for advance payment for each use.

The district may, at its discretion, require the completion of a credit application if a request for a facility use is for more than one meeting.

The district may, at its discretion, require a user to obtain a certificate of insurance to cover a single or a series of uses of district facilities.

The district may, at its discretion, require a damage deposit not to exceed $1,000 for each facility use.

Alcoholic beverages and chemical substances shall not be permitted in school facilities or on school property at any time. Smoking shall not be permitted in school facilities or on school property at any time.

A school employee approved by the principal must be present when the facility is in use. When the furnace is operating, a custodian is required to be present. When the kitchen is used, a food service employee or designee is required to be present. An amount sufficient to cover employee expenses will be charged using groups.

If a group desire's to use a building beyond the regularly scheduled custodial time, the request must be included at the time the application is submitted.

Applications shall be submitted to the building principal who shall determine the available facilities desired, and acquaint the applicant with the existing policies, regulations, and service charges. Applications requiring a facility or personnel charge, or a request for revenue raising activities require the approval of both the principal and the district's business office, and must be received at least seven (7) days prior to facility use.

The building principal is authorized to approve requests for free use of school facilities but will submit all copies of the Use Permit to the Facilities Office for final approval and distribution. (It is assumed that no additional employee time or heat will be required.) The following groups may be approved for use of school facilities without charge:

1. Youth groups such as boys and girls clubs, Camp Fire, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and other youth groups which have traditionally received approval in previous years. Nothing contained herein shall establish or authorize the creation of a limited open forum as defined in the federal Equal Access Act.

2. PTSA's and other adult community groups which have traditionally received approval in previous years.

3. Youth recreational groups which have received approval in previous years and who have provided adequate supervision.

4. Community education program (community schools).

5. Certain employee organizations.

6. Fire and police departments.

The following groups will be charged for use of school facilities:

1. All money-raising activities. (PTSA events require approval, but three (3) per year are permitted with no building charge.)

2. All activities which would require the additional use of any school personnel, or additional costs such as heating.

3. Sunday use of facilities.

4. Adult use of gymnasiums.

With the exception of the high schools, building plants generally will not operate after students are dismissed. This means that in the afternoons and evenings the building will cool gradually after students leave.

1. Community groups may use the building under the conditions outlined above with no additional heat. Since the facility gradually cools, meetings which are held later in the day may require participants to wear additional clothing.

2. If the lack of heating is an inconvenience, the user group may schedule the building use at a senior high school where heating is provided.

3. If organization desires, heat can be provided with a charge for the time the broiler is operated. Such a request must be included in the facility use permit.

4. No portable heaters will be permitted in the schools.

The district will encourage groups to use a room other than the gym when the activity does not need gym facilities.

Use permits for gymnasiums should be approved on a quarterly basis, and requests should be submitted one month before the start of the quarter. For example:


For the Period

Requests to be Submitted by

1st Quarter

August 31 to November 15

July 31

2nd Quarter

November 16 to March 15

October 16

3rd Quarter

March 16 to June 15

February 16

Requests received after the timeline dates shown above will be approved on a time and space available basis.

Approval for the use of gymnasiums should be based on the following priority order:

1. School program.

2. Community education program (community schools).

3. District contracted groups, such as King County Parks, and Highline Community College. (Charges will be assessed directly by the business office.)

4. Youth groups, including Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, Boys' and Girls' Club, Highline Youth Recreation Association (HYRA), YMCA, youth church leagues, and private schools. (Special consideration in approving gymnasium use should be made for requests for single time use by youth groups involving a large number of people. Example: Camp Fire ceremonials, Scouts' Blue and Gold Banquet, etc.)

5. Adult recreation and church leagues: adult groups will prepay the charge for gymnasium use--$15.00 per time for elementary schools; $20.00 per time for middle schools; and $25.00 per time for high schools. Principals will assess and collect this prepaid charge and send the receipt for payment along with the application form to the business office. (Example: adult basketball group using elementary school gymnasium six nights--6 x $15.00 = $90.00.) If additional heat is requested, a heating charge will also be assessed.

Elementary School Playground and Athletic Practice Areas:

The use of outside areas adjacent to school buildings, such as playgrounds and practice fields, are usually available for use by the general public for recreational use when school is not in session or organized school activities or functions are not being conducted. Persons or groups who have an approved "Application and Permit for Use of School Facilities" have priority for use of such areas except as stated above. It will be a violation of district procedures for individuals or groups without prior written approval to use district playgrounds and practice fields other than from 8:00 a.m. to dusk and only when not in conflict with school-related activities. Use of school facilities for commercial purposes by outside groups or the general public will only be permitted with prior district approval.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: May, 1983
Revised by the Board: 11.85, 01.88, 09.88, 01.91, 06.93