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Employment of Staff
Prior to official employment, the district will document the citizenship/immigration information regarding employment eligibility that is furnished by the prospective employee.  The information that is recorded may come from single documents which establish both identity and authorization to work, including:

Acceptable Verification Document for New Hires

1.    One Document Establishing Both Identity and Employment Authorization


U.S. Passport


Resident Alien Card


Alien Registration Card

a.k.a. “Green Card”


----  OR  ----

2. One Document Establishing Identity    3.    One Document Establishing Employment Authorization


Driver’s License


State-issued ID card with photo







Social Security Card

The district must complete an Immigration Service Form (I-9) for each staff member employed after November 6, 1986, and keep that form on file for three years.

Background Checks
As per board policy, the superintendent may employ staff members on a temporary basis until the board takes final action on the recommendation of the superintendent.  Employees or volunteers working with children under sixteen years of age or with persons with disabilities without the presence of another adult are subject to a background check with fingerprints to be furnished by the Washington State Patrol and Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Such volunteers and employees with access to children shall have name and date of birth background checks provided by the Washington State Patrol. 

All such records shall be treated as confidential and only the Director of Human Resources and specific designees identified in writing shall be authorized to access the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s record check data base and district record check data including records of arrest and prosecution (RAP sheets).  RAP sheets shall be secured by the district in storage separate from personnel and applicant records.   Further use of the record following initial employment is expressly prohibited.  Lawful use of such information will not subject an employee to liability for defamation, invasion of privacy, negligence, or any other claim in connection with the lawful use and dissemination of the information.

Procedures for certificated and classified new hires:

1.    These procedures for the hiring of new employees pertain to:

  1. Applicants hired for regular or substitute classified positions.
  1. Applicants hired who have been issued an initial certificate prior to June 11, 1992 or who have been issued an emergency or temporary, substitute or provisional duty, or continuing certificate.

Applicants who do not hold a Washington certificate must apply for a certificate and be fingerprinted by an educational service district (ESD) or Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) office.

2.    The Human Resources Department will notify the new hire of the fingerprinting requirement.  Upon notification by the Human Resources Department, the new hire will have five (5) work days by which to be fingerprinted or she/he will be subject to termination.  The new hire will present picture identification to the Human Resources Department.  All fees related to fingerprinting will be assumed by the district.

3.    The Human Resources Department will give the new hire two sets of fingerprint cards which must be taken to the Security Office for fingerprinting.  The new hire will present picture identification to the Security Office.  The new hire will be fingerprinted using the two sets of fingerprint cards.

4.    Once full fingerprints are obtained, the Security Office will return the fingerprint cards to the Human Resources Department.  The Human Resources Department will record in the log that the Security Office has returned both cards.

5.    The Human Resources director or her/his designee will sign the fingerprint cards and forward them with payment to the Washington State Patrol’s Identification and Criminal History Section.

6.    If the new hire has had a record check within the previous two years, the district’s Human Resources Department may, at its option, waive the requirement.

7.    All applicants hired must complete this fingerprinting process.  Individuals are hired on a conditional basis pending completion of the investigation and clearance.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: August 2000
Revised by the Board: 06.04