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1. Probation and Non-renewal or Termination CERTIFICATED STAFF
Certificated staff, except “provisional employees,” whose performance does not meet minimum requirements based upon the specific categories for evaluation, shall be subject to being placed on probation as provided in state law and any applicable collective bargaining agreement.

“Provisional employees” whose performance does not meet minimum requirement shall be subject contract non-renewal as provided in state law and any applicable collective bargaining agreement.

Classified staff whose performance does not satisfy the needs of the district shall receive written notification from the administrator. Such written notice shall contain the following information:

A. subject to the action of the board of directors, the final date of employment with the district;

B. notice of any appeal rights that the employee may have and notice of the appeal processes.

2. Reduction in Force Administrative Procedures

The following administrative procedures shall be used to implement the policy set forth above:

A. Guidelines for reduction in programs and services

1) In its efforts to provide an educational program within the district’s financial resources, the board shall, as much as practicable, make reductions in expenditures such as: travel, supplies, and materials and equipment before the reduction in staff.

2) If the educational program and services of the school district must be reduced due to a reduction in state basic education funds and or drop in enrollment, legislative or superintendent of public instruction actions, or other legitimate reasons, the following guidelines shall be taken into consideration in determining the program and services to be retained, reduced or eliminated.

a) The program to be retained shall attempt to minimize the consequences of program reductions upon the student.

b) Health and safety standards will be maintained.

c) Priority will be given to those books and supplies used by students in fulfilling basic classroom objectives.

d) When revenues are categorical and depend upon actual expenditures rather than budgeted amounts, every effort will be made to maintain these programs to the limit of the categorical support.

B. Certificated staff reduction: In the event that it is necessary to reduce the number of certificated employees pursuant to the provisions hereof, those certificated employees who will be retained to implement the district’s reduced or modified program and those certificated employees who will be terminated from employment will be identified by using the following procedures.

1) Determination of vacant position: By May 15, or June 1, if the omnibus appropriations act has not passed the legislature by May 15 of each year, the district will determine, as accurately as possible, the total number of certificated staff to be retained. The following reasons for leaving the district will be taken into consideration: retirement, family transfer, normal resignations, discharge or non-renewal.

2) Certification: Possession of a valid Washington state teaching certificate which may be required for the position(s) under consideration shall be a prerequisite for retention.

3) Retention by employee: Certificated staff member will, in accordance with the criteria set forth below, be considered for retention in any grade level in which actual teaching experience has been gained. For the purposes of this paragraph, actual teaching experience, shall mean teaching that grade level full time for at least one (1) full year. Experience in combination with the grade teaching will also be considered.

4) Selection for retention: Certificated employees shall be considered for retention in available positions within their grade level or subject area for which they qualify.

a) Provisional employee: Those employees who are provisional, as that term is used in RCW 28A.405.220, shall be released first.

b) Years of experience: years of actual full time, successful, classroom teaching experience recognized by the state will be given preference.

C. Action by board: Recommendations for certificated staff reduction developed in accordance with these procedures shall be presented to the board prior to May 15 or June 1, if the omnibus appropriations act has not passed the legislature by May 15, for further action by the board.

D. Employment pool: Those certificated employees released under the reduction in force program shall be placed in an employment pool for a period of one (1) year. In the event a vacancy occurs, those certificated employees in the employment pool, will be rehired in the order in which they entered the pool, if qualified, in accordance with the provisions of the above policy.  Any employee released under the reduction in force program will, in writing, keep the superintendent advised of their current address and availability for reemployment. Notice of vacancies will be mailed to their last known address. Employees in the employment pool may participate in group insurance plans for a period of one (1) year, if the carrier so agrees. The district will not contribute premiums for such employees.

Personnel Resignation Form 5280F should be completed by all employees terminating their employment status with the Highline School District either through resignation or retirement.

Contact the Human Resources Department for additional forms.

Highline School Dstrict 401 
Approved by the Superintendent: March 17, 1988
Revised by the Superintendent: 08.09, 06.04