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The following procedures have been developed for implementing a principal, program manager, or superintendent internship program in the Highline School District.

Four basic philosophy statements should guide the internship program in the Highline School District:

1. The intern applicant should be one in whom outstanding administrative potential is recognized. This includes, but is not limited to:

a. Demonstrated communication skills.

b. Flexibility.

c. Knowledge and understanding of robust techniques in fostering classroom environments conducive to student learning.

d. Dedication and commitment to do a job well, regardless of the time involved.

e. Demonstrated evidence of:

    i. Ensuring equitable access to opportunities and resources through implementing standards-based, differentiated instruction to students.

    ii. Implementing consistent instructional practices that utilize materials which are inclusive and considerate of students’ cultures and experience.

2. Once accepted for an internship, the intern may be able to receive the following support(s) from the district:

a. Monetary, in the form of expenses paid, to attend key meetings of the district's choice.

b. Release time, as needed, to insure a well-rounded experience. (Minimum of five days for attending key meetings.)

c. Moral and emotional support.

d. Delegation of tangible responsibilities.

e. Match with an experienced and effective school or program leader with a demonstrated history of positive outcomes, improved student performance and instructional expertise.

3. The internships will be year-long experience.

4. The potential intern must have a keen interest in seeking a principalship, program manager, or superintendent position.

Application Procedure

1. An applicant must have at least two year's certificated experience.

2. No more than one principal intern per building or one program manager per program will be accepted in any school year.

a. Unusual circumstances may warrant waiving this rule. Waivers will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by Human Resources with possible input from the school Principal, Director, or their direct supervisor, and Superintendent, in the instance of a Superintendent internship.

3. Application and selection will follow this procedure:

a. An intern application will be posted through the online jobs site. Those who wish to do a principal and/or program administrator, or superintendent internship within the district must submit the application online by the established date(s). Timelines may be adjusted in the best interests of the District.

b. Human Resources will convene a representative committee and will develop criteria for selecting interns.

c. The committee will send its recommendations to Human Resources for final action.

d. Human Resources will inform applicants of final decisions.

4. In the event an intern applicant is accepted and the building or program manager involved later moves to a new position, then the application would revert to Human Resources for reevaluation.

Program and Preparation Quality

1. Human Resources, in collaboration with Teaching, Learning, and Leadership will work with the university and/or training program to ensure that interns receive preparation and real-time learning experiences which are aligned to relevant leadership standards and the goals of the strategic plan of the District.

a. These goals and standards will be refreshed on an annual basis in collaboration with the District and the applicable universities and/or preparation programs to ensure alignment with District goals, strategy, and leadership expectations.

b. Specific performance tasks and/or program expectations should be aligned with the relevant leadership standards and reflect the necessary performance tasks to obtain a Washington State principal, program manager, or superintendent certificate.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by Superintendent: September 22, 2016