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Procedure 6101- GRANTS

The following procedures are required by the Superintendent of Highline Public Schools to provide financial monitoring and ensure compliance with district, state, and federal regulations and reporting requirements for the various types of grants available.

All grant applications shall be submitted or review and approval prior to submission to the grantor. A Grant Pre-Approval form, along with a copy of the Grant application, must be review and signed by the following:

Up to $5,000                 Principal / Director + Business Services

$5,001 – $50,000           Principal / Director + ILED (Schools only) + Cabinet + Business Services

$50,001 - $249,000        Principal / Director + Supervising Admin + Business Services + Superintendent

$250,000 and above      Must work with the Superintendent’s office for School Board process

Formula Grantees will need to email Business Services prior to submitting the grant application. No Grant Pre-Approval is required on Formula grants.

Grants that meet or exceed $250,000 or if required by Grantor, will need to be sent to the Superintendent’s office to complete the School Board process. School Board approval is required prior to expending any grant funds unless an exception is granted by Business Services and relevant Cabinet Member. This includes grants that will meet or exceed $250,000 over the life of the grant. For example, a one-year grant of $250,000 requires School Board approval, as does a five year grant worth $50,000 per year because the total amount awarded to the district is $250,000. Grants that require approval prior to submitting a grant application should be calendared on the Board’s agenda for a first and second reading; at the discretion of the Board, second reading can be placed on the consent agenda.

Highline Public Schools takes an indirect to help support the expenses of any and all overhead. The indirect cost represents the expenses of doing business that are not readily identified with a particular grant, contract, project function, or activity, but are necessary for the general operation. The indirect rate that is taken is based on the type of grant awarded.

Highline Public Schools policy in regards to the SAS (Substantially Approvable Status) is on a case by case basis. Approval will be given by Business Services.

Written documentation of the formal grant award must be furnished to Business Services. This should consist of a copy of the grant award, and approval letter from the Superintendent of Public Instruction, or other documentation showing that the grant has been awarded. Documentation should include the budget as approved by the grantor.

Business Services will keep on file copies of all Grant Pre-Approvals, award letters, and reimbursement claims for audit purposes.

Expenditures may not occur in advance of a Grant Pre-Approval and a formal grant award or signed contract with the grantor. A program number must have been issued, and a Grant Budget Allocation document received by Business Services.

Once all the above items are completed, you will be allowed to expend funds, per the award outline and terms of the grant. Federally awarded grants may not have any expenditures without the prior approval of the budget authority.

The Business Services department will submit payment requests and invoices for reimbursable grants claimed through OSPI and local, state or federal grantors on a monthly basis. All invoices will be send to the Grantee for verification and signature prior to being submitted to Accounts Receivable for submission to the Grantor.

Prior to submitting a final fiscal report to the Grantor, a copy shall be submitted to Business Services for review and verification. All final invoicing will be completed by Business Services, and the Grantee will be required to review and sign.

Business Services will be responsible for monitoring and invoicing all grants. Business Services will also provide advance notice of grant deadlines and purchase cut off dates. It will be the Grantee’s responsibility to submit any reporting requirements outlined in the grant. It will also be the Grantee’s responsibility to track expenditures or budget purposes. Any due date extension must be made in writing by the agency granting the extension.


Highline School District 401

Adopted by the Superintendent: September 2018

Revised by the Superintendent: 2.20 (Formerly Procedure 6230)