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All gifts or donations to  Highline employees, schools, or the district become the property of the district, including donations through organizations such as DonorsChoose.

Any gift presented to the district shall satisfy the following criteria:

1. Purpose or use consistent with philosophy and programs of the district;

2. Minimum financial obligation to district for installation, maintenance and     operation;

3. Free from health and/or safety hazards;

4. No direct or implied commercial endorsement.

Equipment and material which are to be donated to a school or are brought to the school for temporary use shall be reviewed in terms of suitability and durability and for any possible health or safety hazards. The school principal shall be responsible for selecting other appropriate staff members to assist if a review process is necessary. If the equipment and/or materials are found to be unsuitable, the  denying party shall indicate the reason(s) in writing when refusing the gift or donation.

School Board approval is required for donations in excess of $10,000. Superintendent or designee approval is required for acceptance of donations of less than $10,000. The Superintendent’s approval procedure for non-technology donations of less than $10,000 in value is as follows:

Gift & Donation Ranging From                  Requires Signatures From
Up to $3,000                                                 Principal/Director + Business Services
$3,001-$9,999                                              Same as above + ILED
$10,000 and above                                      Same as all above + Superintendent

The Superintendent’s designee for all technology donations is the Technology Services Department. Schools or departments should refer all individuals interested in donating technology to the department’s website for the rules and forms for donating technology items:

The Board and Superintendent or designee will not authorize the acceptance of gifts and donations that would obligate the district to future expenditures which the district would not otherwise wish to make. If found to be acceptable and installation is required, the principal will submit a work order for appropriate installation. All gifts and donations shall become district property and, except as approved by the Board, shall be accepted without obligation relative to use and/or disposal.

In receipt of the gift or donations, donors of equipment and/or materials shall, upon request, be advised in writing that they will be held harmless for any liability or expense that may arise or be caused in any way by such use by school staff, students, or any other individuals or groups who choose to use the equipment or materials.

Schools and departments are encouraged to thank all donors for their generosity and support of the students in Highline Public Schools.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Superintendent: 9.14
Revised by the Superintendent: 2.20