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Procedure 6213 - DISTRICT TRAVEL

Travel definitions and qualifying expenses

The following definitions and qualifying expenses apply to all travel including ASB and field trip travel. Reasonable expenses incurred shall qualify for reimbursement. Employees and district representatives are encouraged to use the most economical travel method possible.

*Exceptions to this procedure can be made by the superintendent or designee.*

Type of Travel


Qualifying Expenses

Local and
Non-Overnight Travel

Travel within 50 miles of the employee’s primary work location or primary residence, whichever is closer.

Or any traveler not staying overnight regardless of distance.

Modes of Travel

Overnight Travel

(In-State and

Travel more than 50 miles from the employee’s primary work location or primary residence, whichever is closer.



Modes of Travel


All travel outside the United States except for Vancouver, Canada and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Cabinet approval is required for all international travel.



Modes of Travel

Qualifying Expenses

Reasonable expenses incurred shall qualify for reimbursement. Employees and district representatives are encouraged to use the most economical travel method possible.

Lodging Expenses

Hotel rates: Travelers may elect to stay at the conference hotel, but are required to book in a matter that is the most economical. Often the cost to book directly with the hotel is less than the rate offered through the conference. 

*Airbnb & VRBO are not approved for lodging*

Modes of Travel

The following modes of transportation are allowable within reasonable expenses and subject to limitations described below.

  • Airplane, train, and charter bus
    Allowable expenses are limited to fares and fees for coach class.
  • Ground transportation

a. Taxi/Shuttle Service.

b. Ride Share Services (Uber/Lyft). Employees are not permitted to use District Travel Cards for ride share services as they store account numbers. You may file for reimbursement when these items are charged to a personal card.

c. Rental Cars
Rental car expenses are limited to compact cars. Rental insurance costs are NOT allowable expenses. Prior justification and approval are required for rental car use. It is recommended that the traveler confirm with the desired company if they will accept a district P-Card.

d. Personal vehicle

 i. Employees may be compensated for mileage and related expenses (including self-parking, tolls, and ferry) when they are required to drive a personal vehicle for official district business.

 ii. When two or more travelers are attending the same conference, plans should be made to use the minimum number of cars necessary to transport all participants.

 iii. When air travel is the most economical mode of travel, the employee may elect to travel by automobile. However, the district shall reimburse the lesser of the amount of the airfare or the mileage claimed.

iv. Mileage may be reimbursed at the IRS mileage rate in effect at the time of travel.

  • Other modes of travel
    Description and written justification for approval must be submitted.
  • Student Travel
    Arrangements must be made through Transportation if you need to rent a vehicle while traveling with students. The transportation department will verify compliant insurance coverage and safety standard are in place.


Only when traveling overnight, may employees and district representatives qualify for per diem meal reimbursement. Meals are reimbursed at the GSA per diem rate for the location of travel. Meals provided by a conference will not be reimbursed

Non-Allowable Expenses

The following is a list of non-allowable expenses. Other expenses may be deemed inappropriate for use of public funds and denied for reimbursement.

  1. Alcoholic beverages, meals, or snacks other than regular meals.
  2. Personal telephone calls, postage, and memberships.
  3. Mileage to and from home.
  4. Mileage for school levy promotions and other nonofficial school functions.
  5. Valet parking.
  6. Flight insurance and inflight internet or entertainment.
  7. Entertainment.
  8. Expenses for travel prior to or extending beyond the time required for the meeting or business, unless it is in the district’s financial interest to extend the travel.
  9. Expenses related to travel of family or friends to accompany district staff.

Travel Approval, Procurement, and Reimbursement Processes

Any costs incurred that are outside these procedures will require reimbursement to the district, if determined ineligible, within 15 days after the end of the travel period.

Use of a non-travel district procurement card for travel-related expenditures is not allowed

Reimbursements requested in excess of 90 days will be denied

Approval Paperwork

  • Travel Authorization Sheet. A completed and signed Travel Authorization Sheet is required for all types of travel except ASB and field trip travel. Itemized lists of all expected costs and fees must be included.
  • ASB and Field Trip. Completed and signed field trip paperwork is required for all ASB and field trip travel.
  • Federal Travel Form. A completed and signed Federal Travel Form is required to expend federal dollars. This form is in addition to the Travel Authorization Sheet.

Procurement Process

1. Complete travel approval paperwork.

2. The requester submits a requisition to Business Services attaching the following items to the requisition:

a. Travel approval paperwork

b. Mode of travel documentation (mileage map)

c. Agenda If an Agenda is unavailable at the time. Please attach Conference information. Including dates of the event

d. GSA per diem rates and planned usage. If an Agenda is unavailable at the time of registration encumber all possible meals needed based on flight and conference information.

3. Once a requisition is approved, requester will contact the procurement team with their PO#, and request their card is opened for booking purposes.

4. The night prior to travel, the card holder must email the procurement team with their PO#. Requesting their travel card be opened for use.

ASB and Field trips: When Advisors, Chaperones, and Coaches are attending an ASB related conference or event with students, their registration fees and hotel costs may be paid on the same requisition/purchase order as the students.

Personal Travel Connected to Business Travel

Travelers electing to take personal time connected to business related travel are required to pay all expenses upfront. Reimbursements will be granted to the expenses corresponding with the business travel dates.

1. Complete the travel approval paperwork prior to travel.

Attach the following additional information to the requisition/purchase order:

a.  Travelers must attach a screen shot to the Purchase order from a travel search site (e.g., Expedia, TripAdvisor) showing all available fares for the required dates of business travel.

b. Travelers must submit an original receipt for the actual ticket, fare, accommodations, or reservations purchased for reimbursement. The reimbursement will be paid based on the most cost-effective airfare/ticket/car rental/hotels from the travel search site that corresponds to the dates of business. Additional costs for personal meals, etc., are the responsibility of the traveler.

Local Travel & Mileage Reimbursement

Local travel and mileage reimbursement do not require the above travel approval paperwork and procurement process.

Submit a completed and approved Local Travel & Mileage Reimbursement Form to Accounts Payable. The request must be incompliance with the form. Description of trip mileage claim must include details of each trip such as date, miles, location, and description. Descriptions must provide enough detail to justify the business purpose of the trip. For example: “Attend IEP hearing” rather than “meeting.”

Local Travel & Mileage Reimbursement forms must be submitted to Accounts Payable within 90 days of travel. Claims in excess of 90 days will be denied.

Overnight Travel Reimbursement

Meals and other expenses related to overnight travel are reimbursed using the Overnight Travel Reimbursement Form after return from travel. Submit a completed and approved form to Accounts Payable within 10 business days of returning from travel. Requests submitted after 10 days may be denied. 

*Meal advances are not permitted.*

Student Meals

  1. Students may receive an ASB meal advance for day and overnight ASB events, up to the GSA Per Diem rate for the location of the event. Students must vote and approve this expenditure, the funds must already be available and not allocated for other expenses in their ASB Club/Class/Sport/Gen ASB account. Student Meal Advance instructions and paperwork can be found on Collab under the Schools Checking folder within Business Services. Food purchase rules and policies apply (student signatures, itemized receipts – unless otherwise noted, agenda, etc). A copy of meeting minutes and ASB approval signatures must also be attached to the Schools Checking Form, in addition to the GSA per diem rates, the Student Meal Advance Request, and the Student List.
  2. ASB Advisors with a local club/class/sport/Gen ASB event involving a meal may get special permission to use a district p-card for the purchase. Contact Purchasing and the ASB coordinator for prior-approval and to open the p-card – all policies and procedures apply.
  3. Staff meals paid with ASB funds require above listed ASB Procedures to be followed. Any meals for the advisor must be reimbursed from a travel PO after staff has returned from the event.

Unspent funds MUST be returned to business services at the end of the event along with itemized receipts and other supporting documentation.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Superintendent: November 30, 1983
Revised by the Superintendent: 3.89, 1.90, 11.90, 11.92, 10.01, 2.04, 11.05, 2.08, 1.15, 8.16, 8.18, 9.19