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Procedure 8100 - TRANSPORTATION

Transportation will be provided by the district as follows:

1. For a student involved in the open enrollment program, it shall be the responsibility of the parent or guardian to furnish transportation. District transportation may be  utilized provided seating space is available and no additional bus service is required.

2. Transportation by bus or other carrier for school activities that extend beyond a 300-mile radius will be permitted only upon special authorization of the board.

3. Upon approval by the superintendent, groups closely associated with the district schools and comprised of Highline students may be transported to meetings when seating space is available on regularly established bus runs.

4. Drivers assigned to district transportation vehicles shall have the primary responsibility for the safety of passengers while the passengers are (1) boarding the vehicle, (2) on the vehicle,

(3) disembarking, and (4) crossing the roadway. When a teacher, coach, or other certificated staff member is assigned to accompany students on a vehicle, such person shall be primarily responsible for the behavior of the students in their charge; however, the assigned driver shall have final authority and responsibility. Transported students unaccompanied by a staff member are under the authority of the assigned driver. The assigned driver may take reasonable action, not including corporal punishment, to assure the safe transportation of pupils. The driver may hold students accountable for their conduct during the course of transportation and make recommendations to the school administrator for disciplinary action against a student. Any disciplinary action taken against a student shall be consistent with district policy  and procedures relating to student discipline.

5. The district shall develop emergency bus routes and schedules to be used when weather conditions make the usual routes impassable or, in the superintendent's judgment, too hazardous. Near the beginning of the school year, copies of emergency routes and schedules shall be distributed to parents with instructions on how to obtain emergency information.

If roads are closed to buses but not to private vehicles, the district may continue to operate the instructional programs of the schools without providing bus transportation until the roads are again open to buses.

Highline School District 401
Approved by the Superintendent:  November 13, 1985