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I. Transportation for Activities and Field Trips

A. All requests for transportation for school activities and field trips must be approved by the director of transportation and the building administrator and must be secured in advance of making commitments. Requests must be received in the transportation office at least seven (7) working school days prior to the date of the trip.

B. All requests must show an account number to which the cost of the trip is to be charged or they will be returned to the originator without being recorded in the transportation office.

C. Contracted services are to be used only when district transportation is unavailable. Special consideration for contracted services may be given to long-distance, out-of- district trips if requested.  Cost effectiveness will be the determiningfactor.

II. District Bus Transportation Costs

A. The originating and terminating point of the bus and driver for each trip is Maintenance/Operations/Transportation (MOT). Charges will reflect time and miles from MOT to the point where students are loaded (starting point) and to MOT from the point where students are unloaded at the conclusion of the trip (ending point) in addition to the actual recorded time and miles.

B. The district mileage chart will be used to calculate the mileage from MOT to and from the starting and ending point of the trip. Actual trip time charges will be calculated from MOT to and from the starting and ending point of the trip. An additional thirty minutes will be added to the trip time before and after (total of one hour) to allow for equipment safety checks and completion of associated paperwork.

C. The transportation department will assign the appropriate size vehicle based on availability and the needs indicated on the transportation request.

D. The hourly rate to be charged will be re-evaluated annually by the director of transportation.

Approved by the Superintendent: November 13, 1985
Revised by the Superintendent: 10.92, 06.93