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Construction Phase

Project Supervision

The duties of the project supervisor shall include but are not limited to:

  1. Working with the architect in the preparation of bid specifications and administering the bid procedures;
  2. Assuring compliance with state and federal funding requirements;
  3. Seeking maximum cost savings by utilization of guidelines of the state's cost stabilization program or other procedures;
  4. Monitor work to assure compliance with budget, specifications and plans;
  5. Work with public authorities in regard to compliance with licensing, safety, fire and health regulations; and
  6. Assisting the staff member responsible for facilities operation and maintenance to become knowledgeable of the new or renovated facility.

Maintenance of Records

The maintenance of adequate records is vitally important to the future facilities program within the district and to the resolution of any disputes that may arise regarding a construction project.

The superintendent shall keep all reports, documents and plans as they relate to an existing or proposed project. The records shall include copies of all correspondence relating to the project. The superintendent shall require from the architect, engineer, contractor or other parties at least the following, as they become available:

  1. Inspection and progress reports;
  2. Results from tests of material quality and composition, etc.;
  3. Drawings of buildings and sites; record drawings and as-builts;
  4. Conveyance records, title search, bonds issuance records and any licenses and legal documents issued or executed pursuant to the project;
  5. Guarantees and warranties; and
  6. Other papers relevant to the project, such as the record of board resolutions.

Change Order Procedures

The final contract cost on all public works shall be determined after inclusion of the net change due to additive and/or deductive change orders.

For state-funded projects, if the final contract costs results in an increase above the original bid amount, the school district shall finance the entire increase. If the final contract cost results in a decrease from the original bid amount, the school district and the State shall share the amount of the decrease based on the matching ratio in effect at the time of contract award.

Copies of all change orders for state-funded projects, when executed and signed by the school district's authorized agent and, if appropriate, the project architect/engineer, shall be forwarded to the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Copies of all changes on all projects shall be forwarded to the Highline District purchasing office.  For all contracts the following procedure for changes will be used:

  1. Changes up to $100,000:
    1. Architectural Change Directives (ACD’s), Construction Change Directives (CCD’s), and Change Orders (CO’s) will be reviewed and initially approved by the Executive Director of Capital Planning & Construction or designee.  Final approval shall be by the Chief Financial Officer/designee.
    2. Approved ACD’s/CCD’s will be accumulated and placed in a Change Order (CO) by the Executive Director of Capital Planning & Construction.
    3. All Change Orders will be included in the closeout documents for each contract.
  2.  Changes between $100,000.01-$250,000:
    1. ACD’s/CCD’s/CO’s will be reviewed and initially approved by the Chief Operations Officer/designee, followed by the Chief Financial Officer/designee.  Final approval shall be by the Superintendent or designee(s).
    2. Approved ACD’s/CCD’s will be accumulated and placed in a Change Order by the Executive Director of Capital Planning & Construction.
    3. All Change Orders will be included in the closeout documents for each contract.
  3. Changes greater than $250,000:
    1. ACD’s, CCD’s and CO’s greater than $250,000 require prior approval of the Board. In cases where approval is needed immediately in order to avoid a project delay, the Chief Operations Officer/designee and Chief Financial Officer/designee must approve the change, then submit to the Superintendent or designee for final approval. Such change orders shall be presented to the Board for confirmation at the next regular meeting.
    2. The Executive Director of Capital Planning & Construction shall prepare the appropriate action item for Board approval.
    3. All Change Orders will be included in the close out documents for each contract.

Acceptance of Completed Project

Final payment under contract shall be subject to the following:

  1. Final acceptance of the project by the district.
  2. The architect's letter of inspection indicating that the work has been completed; and,
  3. Certification by the district that no liens have been filed on the project, or if liens have been filed, a certified list of the liens and their respective order of priority.

Pursuant to statute, final payments shall not be made until the district has received from the State Department of Revenue, State Department of Employment Security, and State Department of Labor and Industries certification that all taxes due, or to become due by the project's contractor, have been paid in full. The district shall notify each department listed that the work is completed and officially accepted so that a determination of tax liabilities of the contractor may be made.

Upon final completion of state-funded projects by contractor(s), the architect/engineer shall inspect the project to determine compliance with the construction documents. The architect/engineer, upon determining that the project has been completed satisfactorily, shall make such recommendation through the issuance of a certificate of completion to the school district board of directors. Separate certificates of completion shall be written for each contract awarded.

The contract shall provide that a percentage of the project cost shall be retained by the district as required by law to insure that the project shall remain free and clear of any material men, subcontractor or tax liens.

Projects with contract amounts over $300,000, or projects which have liens filed against them shall be accepted by the board upon recommendation of the superintendent.

The superintendent or designee may accept as complete projects under a $300,000 contract price, provided the architect or engineer assigned to the project recommends acceptance. On projects which are completed without using engineering or architectural services the staff member assigned the responsibility will certify its completion.

The School District Board of Directors shall accept or reject all state matchable projects based upon an inspection of the project and the certificate(s) of completion signed by the architect/engineer. Until the Superintendent of Public Instruction receives a School District Board resolution officially accepting the project, no release of retainage shall be made in accordance with WAC 180-29-165.

Highline School District 401
Adopted by the Board: August 1984
Revised by the Board: 09.87, 04.89, 08.02
Revised by the Superintendent:  5.17, 9.23