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Meal Reminder from Superintendent Susan Enfield

Meal Reminder from Superintendent Susan Enfield
School meals are a convenient and healthy option for all families. Watch this video from Superintendent Enfield encouraging everyone to take advantage of meals provided by USDA during the pandemic. Meals are for everyone, regardless of family income.

Message from the Superintendent | October 23 from Highline Public Schools on Vimeo.



Hello, Highline. Today, we're talking school meals, because there are some important changes to how we provide meals this year that I want to make sure you are aware of. Given that our school buildings are closed, the US Department of Agriculture, which oversees school nutrition services programs, has given us tremendous flexibility in how we can provide breakfast and lunch this year.

So the biggest change, we are not limited to providing breakfast and lunch just to Highline students. Anyone in our community, 18 years or younger, is entitled to free breakfast and lunch, seven days a week. So how do you access this? Well, our wonderful nutrition services team, led by Lisa Johnson, has come up with multiple options for you to do this.

Number one, you can go on our website-- which we'll give you a snapshot of at the end of this video-- and preorder, and pick up seven days worth of meals in a nice box for the week, one and done. If, though, you want to show up and get a hot meal on a particular day, just go to your nearest elementary school or check the website for one of the 70 locations that our extraordinarily dedicated school bus drivers are delivering meals to each week. And you can wave at a friendly bus driver, get a hot meal, and go home.

I want to be clear. Anyone 18 years or younger. Homeschool, private school, Highline schools, other schools. We want to make sure we're providing as many meals in our community as possible. And the young people do not need to be there. You as the adult can say, I need meals for four children, or four people 18 or under, and we will give them to you.

So please take advantage of this, whether you're a family member, community member, staff member, sign up and bring meals home to your own children, given how hard you're all working here in Highline. These meals are available to everyone, regardless of income. So please, please, please take us up on this. We don't want anyone in our community to go hungry, and if this helps alleviate some of the stress that our staff is under by making sure that you can give some meals to your kids when you get home, let's do that as well.

So please spread the word, please check out the website, and let us know if you have any questions or comments. And with that, please stay safe, healthy, and strong. Thank you, Highline.


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