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How Will We Grade Distance Learning?

How Will We Grade Distance Learning?

The pandemic has us reinventing nearly everything about school, including grading. Here's how grading will look for students during this session of distance learning. 

Elementary Grading

Students in grades K-5 will not be given a grade at the end of the year. Instead, teachers will make comments on a report card regarding the student's engagement, progress and overall ability to understand content and standards presented during the distance learning time. Chief Academic Officer Susanne Jerde sent detailed guidance to elementary teachers on May 1. 

Middle School Grading

Middle school students will be given a Pass or Incomplete grade at the end of the semester.

High School Grading

OSPI has issued rules governing high school grading:

  • No Pass or F grades may be given.
  • Students will not be given grades lower than the grades they had as of March 17.

In Highline, high school students (as well as middle school students earning high school credit) will receive letter grades (A, B, C or Incomplete.) 

Students can improve their grades by:

  • Completing work assigned before March 17.
  • Completing work assigned since the transition to distance learning.

Students who had a D as of March 17 are encouraged to improve their grades to a C or better. 

A student who had an F grade as of March 17 and does not improve their grade by the end of the semester will receive an Incomplete and will be given an opportunity to earn the credit later. Teachers will support students to improve F grades and earn credit.