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New Logo for PSSC

New Logo for PSSC
Puget Sound Skills Center logo

We're excited to announce that we have a new logo, and it wouldn't have been possible without you. 

To create this logo, we listened to students, teachers, and the community through interviews to find and build our story. Your voices helped shape a new look for PSSC. 

The students, staff, families and community who make up the Puget Sound Skills Center are champions of choice, and our new logo celebrates that. Our new branding reflects a modern school with a community dedicated to students shaping their futures through our career and technical programs.

The new logo for Puget Sound Skills Center is divided into two sections. A dark blue background on the left showcases the white letters "PSSC" stacked vertically. On the right, on a white backdrop, our full name is displayed in bold uppercase letters. 

The straightforward design emphasizes clarity and efficiency. The stacked lettering symbolizes the stacking of skills as students build pathways to future careers. The dark blue background offers a powerful contrast and a strong foundation. This reflects our commitment to giving students a solid start, ensuring they're equipped with the necessary tools to venture into their chosen careers.

This logo is just the surface representation; it's the visual. Our true brand lies in our story and dedication. Every student who walks through our doors is presented with choice, opportunity, and the autonomy to shape their future. You are a part of this community, and you are a part of this story.

In the next few days, you’ll begin to see our new logo on our website, social media and letterhead. 

Thank you for being part of the PSSC community. We’re proud of the program and community we are building. Please continue to read below for more of our story. 

Our Story - Who We Are 

We stand behind the idea that every student should choose their own path in career and in life. At PSSC, students have the opportunity and the ability to choose the program they want—rooted in their unique interests, a reflection of their passions, values, and life stories.

Choice is about finding a path. Our programs allow each student to tap into that part of themselves that ignites passion, brings joy, and challenges and rewards them at every step. It’s about finding the right path, deciding for themselves what works and what doesn’t and not settling for a program that doesn’t fit their unique goals, passions,and ambitions.

Choice is about power. The power to forge their own futures—learning with and from peers and friends who possess equal passion and aspirations. And ultimately, it’s about the power to provide for themselves and their families, to contribute to thriving communities across our state, and to find bounty and belonging.

At Puget Sound Skills Center, we are champions of choice.

Our Values and Commitments 

  • Empowerment: We provide permission, encouragement, and support to every student, so they can actualize their dreams and pursue a life of promise, potential, and reward.
  • Self-determination - We create space for every student to chart their own path, become their true selves, fail forward, and achieve independence and autonomy.
  • Pride - We want students to feel pride in their chosen career paths—to experience confidence, respect, satisfaction and delight.
  • Success:  We provide rigorous programs that set students up for success by offering them the insight, knowledge, and ingenuity needed in their evolving professional fields.
  • Community - We nourish connection so our students can learn with, and from, one another and support each other in their pursuit of success.

Our Personality

  • Uplifting: We inspire. We galvanize. We nurture and elevate.
  • Powerful: We are energetic. We are dynamic. We get things done.
  • Optimistic: We aim for the stars with our feet firmly on the ground. We are assured, bright, and believing.
  • Encouraging: We’re welcoming, supportive, empathic and warm.
  • Driven: The success of our students matters most. We remain nimble, driven to adapt to changes in the economy, job market, or our student’s needs and aspirations.

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