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Security Intercom Cameras Added to School Entrances

Security Intercom Cameras Added to School Entrances
Photo of security intercom camera at school entrance with talk button at bottom

The installation of security intercom cameras is complete or in progress at the main entrances of all our schools. This new addition to our security infrastructure was funded by the 2016 bond and will significantly enhance safety measures.

Starting as soon as this week, staff at most school offices will be able to see and talk to external visitors before unlocking the main door from a connected workstation in their office. We expect the intercom cameras to be completed at the last five schools by the end of March.

What You Can Expect as a Visitor

  1. When you arrive at the main entrance of your student’s school during office hours, please press the talk button on the lower half of the new camera intercom box (see photo).
  2. When you are greeted, please state your name and purpose for visiting the school.
  3. Office staff will have the option of asking follow-up questions for verification before unlocking the door.

Important Security Benefits

Once the camera intercom system is activated at your school, it offers several key benefits:

  • Real-time Entry Monitoring: The intercom camera provides a live view of the entry area, allowing staff without clear sight lines to monitor visitors and late-arriving students.

  • Visitor Access: Office staff are able to grant access to authorized visitors from their work station.

  • Enhanced Security: This system adds an extra layer of security for our office staff by providing a detailed record of everyone entering the school premises.

School Locations

The security intercom cameras are being installed for all school offices, except the new Highline High School, Glacier Middle School, and Des Moines Elementary. (These new school offices already have security cameras and intercom door buzzers.)


Our contractor has installed intercom cameras at all other school sites, except at five schools where access for wiring and installing requires additional work. We are working with a low-voltage electrical engineer to plan where to install and place wiring for the intercom cameras at these five sites: 

  • Hazel Valley, Marvista, McMicken Heights, Parkside and White Center Heights.

Next Steps 

  • Activation Starts: Staff members from our Safety & Security Department are starting to deliver the access control technology to assigned school staff this week and activating the intercom systems.

  • Final 5 Schools: We expect to finish installing the camera intercoms and access control technology at the five remaining schools by the end of March.

Thank you for your patience as we work through the complexities of putting this safety infrastructure in place at all of our school sites by this spring.

Please contact your school office with any questions about your school entrance protocol. If you have general questions, you may reach out to our Communication office for more information.

Photo of security intercom camera at school entrance with talk button at bottom

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