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Schedule Change Decision Process

In spring 2018, we concluded a two-year process of studying alternative course schedules and gathering feedback from staff, students and families.

In 2015-16, a committee of school and central office staff researched options. Based on feedback from staff and families, a broader committee did an additional year of study.

During 2017-18, this committee of teachers, parents, and district leaders researched and discussed options and weighed feedback. The committee narrowed the choices to two options, 5-period day/trimester and 6-period day/semester (our current schedule.) Both have pros and cons.
Advantages to the 5-period trimester system include:
  • Students have ample opportunity to earn credits toward graduation.
  • Students will have many more opportunities to explore a broad range of electives and academic areas outside core requirements.
  • This schedule provides second chances for students who need to make up for missing credits.
  • More students will graduate on time, and they will complete high school better prepared for college and career.
The five-period schedule creates some challenges for some students in certain programs or course sequences. We are confident we can address the challenges, working with families and staff to find solutions for the students with these specific scheduling issues.
Teachers, with district support, have two years to prepare for the change. A trimester transition team is planning for the change. Professional development will be provided during summer learning sessions, PCT and release time for planning, collaboration, and preparing to teach in a longer class periods.