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Digital & Media Literacy

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Students have equitable opportunities to access technology and show mastery of learning standards.


Students will graduate with the problem-solving and critical thinking skills necessary to live and work responsibly in a digital world.  


  • Number of students proficient in digital citizenship in elementary, middle and high school
  • Number of students who have access to devices with a ratio of at least 2:1 
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Implement & Monitor Practices to Personalize Learning Experiences

We will implement and monitor practices to personalize learning experiences, ensuring that teaching responds and adapts to the strengths and needs of each student.  

We will administer a Growth Measurement Assessment three times per year to analyze students' strengths and areas of need in both reading and math. 

We will implement adaptive instruction both online and teacher directed that is aligned to student results after each assessment.

Support a Positive School Culture

We will support a positive school culture around digital and media literacy and project-based learning, with opportunities for students to create and innovate.

We will provide Personalized Learning Cohort members with digital citizenship content training to be implemented at elementary, middle and high school levels.  

We will support schools in building digital citizenship as a foundation for accessing digital and media resources to support project- and inquiry-based learning.

Design Authentic, Student-Driven Activities

We will design authentic, student-driven activities and environments that accommodate diverse learners through a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), providing a wide range of technology access.

We will provide central office and school-based instructional staff with professional learning around the instructional purposes and pedagogy for implementing digital tools.

We will support school-based leadership and modeling of differentiated use of digital tools through Personalized Learning Cohort members, using  the SAMR model (Enhancement: Substitution, Augmentation; Transformation: Modification, Redefinition).

Critically Evaluate Media

We will teach students the skills they need to critically evaluate media and other forms of communication.  

We will support Personalized Learning Cohort members with content training around digital citizenship, specifically in the areas of News and Media Literacy, Information Literacy and Digital World.

We will provide Personalized Learning Cohort members with on-site support in the implementation of digital citizenship units.