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Growth & Mastery

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Students see themselves as successful learners.


Students will make a minimum of one year of growth annually, meeting or exceeding standards in all grade levels. 


  • Percentage of students meeting standard on state exams in English language arts and mathematics
  • Percentage of students meeting Next Generation Science Standards 
  • Percentage of students who experienced at least one year of academic growth from beginning to end of school year
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Implementation Plan

Equitable Opportunities for Success

We will ensure equitable opportunities for success in all subject areas.

We will adopt instructional materials aligned to state learning standards.

We will provide all schools with access to a growth measurement tool platform providing specific instructional pathways to personalize learning for all students.

We will ensure resources are allocated to all schools to ensure equitable access and support based on strengths and needs in social-emotional and academic development.

Culturally Responsive Standards-Based Instruction

We will implement culturally responsive standards-based instruction (SBI) PreK-12, including Since Time Immemorial, with leaders and teachers learning together.

We will implement the standards-based instruction rubric success criteria at the proficient level (3) at both the district and school level.

We will ensure continuous support and development of Instructional Planning Teams (IPT) and teacher teams to distribute leadership reaching a minimum of proficient level (3) on the IPT implementation rubric.

We will ensure systemwide alignment of the structures, processes and content supporting coherence with SBI, including all content area vision and guidance documents.

We will integrate and implement newly identified culturally responsive and inclusive indicators.

We will provide consistent and ongoing professional learning with leaders, including book studies, the Equity Symposium, and principal and staff professional learning.

We will implement classroom indicators that address race, language, culture and inclusive practices in the areas of teacher, student and classroom environment during professional learning sessions and monthly Learning Labs.

We will ensure formative assessment and professional learning to support successful implementation of Since Time Immemorial and ongoing support for all students 

Expand Successful Partnerships

We will expand successful PreK-3 partnerships with family and community through grade 12 to ensure students are ready for kindergarten and all transitions.

We will provide professional learning for leaders to include explicit ways to encourage family engagement around student learning (Families and Teachers Working Together/FTWT).

We will develop tools and professional learning for leaders and staff to support conversations around the standards for all content areas, supporting the agency of families to guide student learning 

We will develop tools, structures, and systems to engage families in understanding all options available for successful transitions PreK-12 and beyond and information on the varying levels of academic and social-emotional development. 

Engage Teachers in Continuous Development

We will engage teachers in continuous development to strengthen math and literacy instruction, so that each student is successful in all core content areas.

We will provide systemwide professional learning on math and literacy with principals, assistant principals, teacher leaders and central office Teaching Learning & Leadership (TLL) members learning together.

We will strengthen sustainable professional learning structures focused on robust instructional components within an SBI classroom (capacity builders, teacher teams, department chairs, learning labs and SBI cadre). 

We will collaboratively use SBI classroom indicators in the teacher, student and classroom environments to support implementation through professional learning and learning labs.

We will sustain and monitor professional learning focused on equity and culturally responsive and inclusive practices.

We will develop standards-based grading tools, structures, and systems that support culturally responsive and inclusive practices as well as clarity in instruction, assessment and meaningful timely feedback in order to build students’ intellectual confidence  
Provide support through central office professional learning as well as Instructional Leadership Executive Director school visits and Professional Learning Networks to ensure full implementation of Annual Action Plans that include MTSS strategies to support social-emotional academic development.

Implement & Strengthen Academic and Social-Emotional Learning Strategies

We will implement and strengthen academic and social-emotional learning strategies including digital learning, whole group, small group and individual instruction.

We will provide professional learning to support integration of social-emotional competencies into  PreK-12 core content.

We will align diagnostic data with intentional instructional planning, using online instruction and other instructional resources that target growth opportunities. 

We will provide personalized learning cohort members with professional training around best practices for technology integration to support varying learning levels.