Highline Public Schools
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School Culture

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Students see themselves as full members of a welcoming school community.


Our schools are welcoming and safe places where students and staff are respected and supported to succeed. 


  • Number of in-school and out-of-school suspensions
  • Number of expulsions
  • Average daily attendance rate and chronic absence rate
  • Number of students participating in extracurricular activities
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Implementation Plan

Culturally Responsive & Antiracist Practices

We will implement and monitor culturally responsive and antiracist practices throughout the district and in each school.

We will develop an equity professional development team to inform the use of culturally responsive and antiracist practices.

We will implement the Highline Equity Tool for systemwide decisions impacting schools.

Strong Partnerships

We will foster strong partnerships with families and community that extend beyond the school day.

We will provide professional learning that includes strategies to engage families around student learning and social, emotional and academic progress.

Positive Learning Community

We will implement schoolwide agreements and strategies that support a positive learning community built on the knowledge of students and families providing opportunities to restore relationships and repair harm.

We will develop a clear vision around social-emotional competencies and support, with related professional learning opportunities.

We will integrate social-emotional learning (SEL) efforts with standards-based instruction (SBI) and other districtwide endeavors.

Student Voice & Leadership

We will listen to and take action on student voice and leadership.

We will gather and utilize existing data sources (Gear Up, Healthy Youth Survey, family survey) to develop a baseline understanding of student and family perceptions of school culture.

We will complete a gap analysis to develop a comprehensive set of metrics for understanding students’ school experience and identifying school and system changes.

Student-centered Learning Environments

We will establish student-centered learning environments and school cultures that are representative of each school’s population.

We will provide a collection of Social Emotional Academic Development (SEAD) tools, resources and approaches to support schools in identifying strategies that are specific to and informed by their school context.

We will review school Annual Action Plans to understand priorities and strategies.

We will develop a map of school strategies, tools and approaches that represent efforts across the district.

We will design a comprehensive program to share child development theory and actionable strategies for every staff member in the district (Nutrition services, custodians, teachers, transportation, administration, etc.).

In-school & After-school Experience

We will develop in-school and after-school experiences that reflect students’ interests and contribute to a well-rounded education. 

We will partner with Athletics and ASB to create and promote extracurricular opportunities.