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Appeals Process

Placement Decision Appeal Process - 2018-2019 

Thank you for your interest in Highline’s Challenge program.  Highly capable services and the Challenge program are designed for students who show high academic potential in several academic and cognitive domains. All students should receive the academic challenge at their neighborhood school as well, so we ask that your first step in the appeals process be to meet with your child’s teacher or principal. If you still believe that the Challenge program would be the best fit for your child, please follow the steps below.

Meet with your child’s school principal or teacher. Ask them to describe how your child is performing and what challenging opportunities are provided on a daily and weekly basis for your student in the areas in which you think she/he is advanced.

After meeting with the school, if you still determine that the Challenge program would be the best fit for your student, complete the appeals form and submit it to the Student Advancement Department. All appeals must be received within two weeks of the date of the notification letter.

Send appeals to:

Highline Public Schools
Dept. of Inclusive Education - Highly Capable Office
15675 Ambaum Blvd. SW. Burien, WA 98166

The Multidisciplinary Committee will review all appeals and communicate their decision in writing to the parent/guardian. If your child is not selected for the program this year, she/he will have another opportunity to be considered for the program next school year.

Print the Challenge Program Decision Appeals Process form