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I'm new to Highline. How do I get my student in the Highly Capable program?

Students who are newly enrolled in Highline Public Schools are eligible to be tested during our regular testing window each winter. Students who receive highly capable services in a previous district are not able to "transfer" their placement from one district to another since each district has their own identification process. Parents/guardians and Highline school staff are welcome to nominate their students before the assessment period by email at

If your student transitions to Highline Public Schools after the Highly Capable Program testing period, please talk to your student’s new school about the opportunities that the school provides for academically accelerated students. All schools provide differentiated instruction and have programs and opportunities for students at all academic levels.

Highly Capable Program assessment happens in the Winter of every school year so students new to the district will have the opportunity to test during the next testing period.

My child is not currently enrolled in a school in the Highline Public Schools, can they still be tested to be considered for highly capable services?

As a service to families in our community, we offer the opportunity for unenrolled students who reside within the Highline school district boundaries to participate in CogAT testing. Testing is available during the designated window each school year. If you are interested in your child participating in this process and you reside within the Highline school district boundaries please email Data and Assessment by February 21st to schedule an appointment.

This testing is available to families for informational purposes only and is not sufficient to determine eligibility for highly capable services in Highline Public Schools. Students must be enrolled in Highline Public Schools at the time of assessment to be considered eligible for highly capable services beginning the following school year. Eligibility for services is determined through multiple measures, including district-based assessments.

What is the typical learning experience in a Challenge classroom?

  • Project-Based Learning- opportunities are provided for students to acquire deeper knowledge through exploration of real-world challenges and problems across content areas driven by student interest.
  • Advanced Level Curriculum and Resources-math and literacy extended to more advanced levels when appropriate.
  • Independent Learning Opportunities-students identify areas of interest for in-depth study by analysis, critique and presentation of their learning, facilitated by their classroom teacher.
  • Practice of Higher-Level Thinking Skills- such as analysis, creativity and evaluation in various content areas
  • Peer Learning Model-provides students with an opportunity to learn with peers who are also receiving highly capable services.

What is the Highly Capable Learning Plan?

The Highly Capable Student Learning Plan provides 2nd-5th grade students an option offered at a student’s neighborhood school in their general education classroom by their teacher. Accommodations may include differentiated curriculum and instruction, intentional student groups or accelerated content area instruction for a portion of their school day.