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Welcome to your Classroom in the Cascades at Waskowitz!

Waskowitz offers an array of activities and lessons that engage students in exploring our 372 acres of beautiful Pacific Northwest forest.  Designed to take advantage of the various unique attributes, our curriculum includes a US Forest Service Lookout tower, the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River, woodland shelters, a rope bridge over Porcupine Creek, and a cookout over an open fire, just to name a few!

We supply most resources for all the supplies you will need to investigate, explore, and develop a sense of wonder within each of your students. Lesson plans and materials will help you navigate through Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). 

Lesson Plans

Refer to the Planning Your Week Packet (under Teacher Planning Resources) for more detailed information about these lessons. 

  • Core lessons are site based lessons that will help your students explore and engage with the Next Generation Science Standards practices, concepts and core ideas.
  • Enrichment lessons are to be used along with core lessons to provide extended learning about the concept or topic.
  • Pre-trip lessons are optional lessons to be done prior to your week of outdoor school to pre-teach core lesson concepts.
  • Pre-trip BEETLES Exploration Routines can enhance your core lesson and enrichment instruction. These lessons include excellent field based teaching strategies that you can use when teaching and learning outside. You will want to review these lessons prior to your trip at Waskowitz since they are designed to give you teaching strategies in the field and those strategies can be applied during any lesson! If you visit the BEETLES website:, you will find videos of their instructors teaching these lessons. The videos are a great resource to you as a field instructor!