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Work-based Learning

Work-Based Learning comprises a wide range of activities that are conducted as an extended learning experience.  Both in-person and virtual activities are possible in Work-Based learning such as job shadows, guest speakers, mentors, school based enterprises and structured field trips.

Worksite Learning is a subset of Work-Based learning and is usually more structured and comprehensive.  All Worksite Learning is categorized as either Instructional or Cooperative and with both, students may be able to earn elective credits.

Program Descriptions

Instructional Worksite Learning

Instructional Worksite Learning is a learning experience that takes place in the community -- or school, if the experience is comparable to that in a community setting -- as an embedded part of a specific course where the student performs tasks in order to gain desired skills, competencies, qualifications or industry certifications through direct instruction.

To participate, a student must be currently enrolled in a Career & Technical Education (CTE) class.

Check with your CTE teacher for details.

180 hours earn one credit, 90 hours earn 0.5 credit.

Cooperative Worksite Learning

Cooperative Worksite Learning (WSL) is a learning experience where students practice in the community the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom.  Typically, this is done through student employment, based on hours worked, learning objectives and employer evaluations.

To participate, students must be at least 16 years old, be employed and have passed or be currently enrolled in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) class.

To enroll in this program:   

  • Complete the on-line application below. (The student should frequently check the email they provide on the application for updates and instructions)
  • Complete the student packet and return it to your College & Career Center. (The packet can be picked up in your College & Career Center or printed from below.)
  • Once all forms are completed and returned, the Cooperative WSL Coordinator will visit the work site and complete a program orientation with the employer.  At that time, and not before, the student can begin to report hours via google Classroom.

180  documented hours earns a 0.5 credit.  


To enroll in Cooperative Worksite Learning, please complete our application.

Online Application

Paper Application


Please complete and return signed forms to your College and Career center.

WSL Student Packet