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Work-based Learning

Work-based Learning is a learning experience that connects knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom to those needed outside the classroom.  The program helps students transition from school to work to lifelong learning. Work-based learning comprises a range of activities and instructional strategies for developing or fulfilling individual careers and educational plans.

Benefits of Work-Based Learning

Students who participate in work-based learning connected to their school programs may:

  • Show improved academic achievement.
  • Realize the relevance of their education and apply acquired knowledge in a meaningful way.
  • Have the opportunity to explore career options.
  • Increase self-confidence.
  • Acquire real workplace experience and employability skills.
  • Connect with an adult role model.
  • Be more likely to go on to some type of educational training after high school.

Students who have a job may be able to earn credit through work-based learning.

Work-based learning connects knowledge and skills from class to the real world!

Program Model

Cooperative Worksite Learning

Cooperative worksite learning is a learning experience where students practice in the community -- or school, if the experience is comparable to that in a community setting -- the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom. An employer/employee relationship must exist if the work performed by the student results in a net increase in productivity or profitability for the business or organization.

To participate, students must be at least 16 years old and have passed, or be currently enrolled in, a qualifying career or technical education class related to worksite experience. A learning experience that occurs at a qualified worksite outside of the classroom in fulfilling a student’s education or career plan.

360 hours earn one credit, 180 hours earns 0.5 credit.

Instructional Worksite Learning

Instructional worksite learning is a learning experience that takes place in the community -- or school, if the experience is comparable to that in a community setting -- as an embedded part of a specific course where the student performs tasks in order to gain desired skills, competencies, qualifications or industry certifications through direct instruction.

To participate, students must be taking a class that is an embedded component of an exploratory or preparatory course the student is already taking.

180 hours earn one credit, 90 hours earn 0.5 credit.


To enroll, please complete our application.

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Benefits of Work-based Learning

  • Allows student to explore career options.
  • Prepares student for employment upon graduation from high school.
  • Prepares student for further education related to training received from high school.
  • Prepares student for transition from school to work to lifelong learning.
  • Enhances skill development. 
  • Develops work place responsibility.
  • Provides opportunity for leadership development.
  • Establishes professional contacts for future employment.
  • Encourages student to stay in school.