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Your child's safety is as important to us as it is to you. Despite our best efforts to protect them, children get hurt, and out-of-pocket expenses for medical care can be significant. Some points to consider:

  • Is your child already covered? 
  • Does your plan have large deductiblesand co-insurance?
  • Do you want to be able to see the doctor that you choose? 

Myers-Stevens & Toohey & Company, Inc. has been authorized to distribute student insurance materials and applications for the 2017-18 school year. They offer:

  • Student Accident & Sickness Plan Insurance
  • Interscholastic Tackle Football Accident Plan Insurance
  • School-Time Accident Plan
  • Dental Accident Plan
  • Full-Time 24/7 Accident Plan
  • Pharmacy SmartCard

Participation in any of these programs is optional; however, participation in school athletic programs requires medical insurance coverage.  Please keep in mind that Highline Public Schools does not provide medical insurance coverage for school accidents, and in the event of an accident at school, you would be responsible for the medical bills. 

Enrollment: To enroll for the optional student accident insurances, complete the enrollment application form, make checks or money orders payable to Myers-Stevens & Toohey & Company, Inc. or complete the MasterCard/Visa payment form.  Send form and payment directly to Myers-Stevens. Pamphlets are available in your school's main office, or you can enroll online

Coverage: Coverage begins upon receipt of the form and premium at Myers-Stevens.  Any benefits awarded will be coordinated with other insurance the family holds.  As this policy does not provide unlimited coverage, it is important to read the brochure carefully.  

Claims: Any injury must be reported to the school immediately.  Claim forms are available from the school office and must be completed by the school and parent and sent to Myers-Stevens within 90 days of the first medical visit.

Students participating in tackle football: The Student Accident & Sickness plan does NOT cover high school tackle football. Only Tackle Football Accident Insurance covers tackle football.

Questions concerning claims or the insurance plans should be directed to Myers-Stevens.  The school district and its employees are not parties to the contract.  We encourage families to review this information carefully to determine the right insurance plan for your child. Should you have questions, please contact Jessica Kido at 206-631-3076.