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Why We Ran a Bond Now?

Proposition 1--the Highline Public Schools Bond--will continue Highline’s commitment to replace our aging school buildings with safe, modern learning facilities. This bond will rebuild three schools and fund critical improvements across Highline without raising the tax rate.

Why we ran a bond now?

While building costs have increased since the previous bond in 2016, postponing school construction is unlikely to result in cost savings. The cost of building materials and supply chain challenges are increasing construction costs. Waiting longer to build may result in increased construction costs and design changes.

Who decided what projects this bond would cover?

Our volunteer-led Capital Facilities Advisory Committee recommended the bond to the Highline School Board. The School Board accepted their recommendation and voted to place the bond on the November 2022 ballot.

Why were these projects chosen?

The architectural designs for new schools at Evergreen, Tyee and Pacific were funded by the 2016 bond. That means these projects are shovel-ready.

Previous bonds replaced comprehensive high schools in two Highline neighborhoods; this bond would rebuild the two remaining aging comprehensive high schools so all students have access to safe, modern learning facilities.

Why rebuild rather than renovate aging schools?

Renovation of older buildings is expensive, provides fewer benefits, and often results in unforeseen costs. New, efficient buildings have a longer lifespan, reduce maintenance and operational costs, and improve health, safety and educational opportunities. Modern schools offer limited entry points, built-in technology, and state-of-the-art learning spaces for sciences, the arts, and career and technical education.

What is Highline's track record on bond spending?

Highline has a 20-year track record of on-time, on-budget construction. We have a backlog of older schools built in the 1950s and 60s. We are committed to continuing this positive momentum until all students are learning in modern facilities with limited entry points and efficient building systems. 

The three schools built with the 2016 bond were completed on time and $10 million under budget—this savings is being applied to the costs of future projects.

What additional funding will support these construction projects?

Approval of this bond would trigger $34 million in additional funding. The funds would come from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Port of Seattle for noise mitigation and from the state School Construction Assistance Program.

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