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Teacher Jairo Garcia Talks About Technology Needs

Teacher Jairo Garcia Talks About Technology Needs

"This Generation's Version of Paper & Pencils"

Hazel Valley Teacher Jairo Garcia teaches from his home office.

“The technology levy is critical for everyone in our community. If approved, it will benefit students, families and educators,” says Jairo Garcia, teacher at Hazel Valley Elementary School.  

“Technology is as essential as providing hot meals for our students to eat,” Jairo says. 

"Ultimately, we are not only voting on a levy, but we are voting on this generation's version of paper and pencils."
- Jairo Garcia, Teacher, Hazel Valley Elementary School

“Students are curious with technology. It's a way to connect with one another and help make sense of challenging concepts. The levy will help provide students with tools and resources to help them learn academics, but more importantly, real life skills.” 

“Teaching online is a challenge,” Jairo admits. “I have some students who are not able to join meetings because they have an unreliable internet connection. I'm hoping the levy can help families connect with their teachers more effectively.” 

“I occasionally get kicked off a Zoom lesson because the district laptop isn't powerful enough to run all the technology programs needed to effectively teach. Zoom takes up 25 percent of my laptop's power usage. When I am also running programs such as GoGuardian, Teams, SeeSaw, Google Slides and iReady, I have to prioritize which programs I am using. I close programs to minimize lagging or getting booted of Zoom sessions."  

"We also need durable, reliable Chromebooks that students can use for many years. I would love to have the best tools to teach our students.”

Penelope's Report on Distance Learning

Jairo is the father of Penelope Garcia, the 5th grade student whose story we featured on social media on October 21. See Penelope's report on Distance Learning on Facebook.

Technology Levy Funding

What does Prop. 1 fund, if approved?  For students: 11,800 new devices. For teachers, 1,500 new devices. The technology levy would help ensure adequate internet access, update classroom technology, pay for increased digital training and technical support, enhance district cybersecurity and help prepare students for a digital future.

Find out more about the Highline technology levy.


Hazel Valley Teacher Jairo Garcia's workspace set up at home.


Hazel Valley Teacher Jairo Garcia teaches from his home office.