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StudentVUE Instructions

Activation Instructions

Activate Your StudentVUE Account on a Mobile App

You will receive an email with an activation key via your district Gmail account ( Once you have received your activation key, follow the steps below to activate your account using the mobile app. If you have not received an activation key email, contact your school office. 

1. Download the StudentVUE app from the app store on your smartphone or tablet. 

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

2. Follow the instructions to swipe left on your device.

3. Enter in Highline’s zip code (98166) to locate Highline Public Schools. 

4. Select Highline Public Schools from the list. 

Screenshot of StudentVUE

5. On the main login screen, select the language you prefer. All communication from ParentVUE will be translated to the selected Language. This can be updated at any time. To up-date your language:

A) Click on Current Language. 
Scroll to the language desired. 
C) Click Select

Screenshot of StudentVUE

6. From the login screen, select the option Have activation key? Create my account. 

Screenshot of StudentVUE

7. Read and agree to the Use Agreement by clicking I accept. 

Screenshot of StudentVUE

8. Enter your first Gmail account (name, last name and activation key. Click Continue to Step 3

Screenshot of StudentVUE

9. Enter your district Gmail account ( as your user name. Create a password. Select Complete Account Activation. 

Screenshot of StudentVUE

Activate Your StudentVUE Account on a Web Browser

You will receive an email with an activation key via your district Gmail account ( Once you have received your activation key, follow the steps below to activate your account using a web browswer. If you have not received an activation key email, contact your school office. 

1. Open a web browser and click the following URL:

StudentVUE Portal

Note: Chrome is preferred

2. Translation options are available on the bottom right of the login screen. This can be updated at anytime. 

3. On the main landing page select I am a Student. 

Screenshot of StudentVUE

4. On the Parent login screen click More Options. 

5. Select Activate Account. 

Screenshot of StudentVUE

6. Read and agree to the Use Agreement by clicking I accept. 

Screenshot of StudentVUE

7. Enter your first name, last name and activation key. Click Continue to Step 3. 

Screenshot of StudentVUE

8. Enter your district Gmail account ( as your user name. Create a password. Select Complete Account Activation. 

Screenshot of StudentVUE

Printable Instructions

If you prefer to print instructions, please use the following files. 

Mobile App Navigation Instructions

Log Into Account

The mobile app uses the same user login as the web-based StudentVUE.

1. Enter your login information or activate your account. If you have not activated your account see Account Activation instructions above.

2. Select the Current Language. You can modify this option later.

3. Tap Login.

Note: Tap Save next to your User Name and Password to save the information in your app. You can modify this option whenever you login. If you save your login information, you can log in to multiple district at the same time. 


Tap the link icons in the Navigation screen to view more details including 

The Concurrent icon displays if the student is concurrently enrolled in another school.

The Notifications screen displays when you tap the Settings icon in StudentVUE or ParentVUE. Tap each notification type to receive app notifications for the student for Assignments, Attendance, or Grades.

Use the Minus or Plus icons displayed in Assignments and Grades to set notification thresholds. For example, the following settings display notifications for Assignments if the score is less than 80%, and notifications for Grades if the grade is less than 75%.

Manage Preferences

Tap the Preferences tab in the Settings menu to edit preferences. 

Note: The Preferences tab is only available in the iPhone.

  • Grade Book - threshold value (0 to 100) – Enter the score value that triggers a low mark indicator on an assignment. For example, enter 10 to indicate if the student receives a 9 or lower on an assignment.
  • Reminders – Set assignment notifications on the Calendar screen.
    • Use Reminders – Tap to allow reminders.
    • Use Bell Schedule Time for assignment reminders (if available) – If allowed by the school, uses the Time for the assignment due date reminder according to the Bell Schedule created at the school.
    • Enter the number of Days before the due date and the Time for the reminder. If using Bell Schedule Time, enter only the Days.

Click Reset Reminders to reset and regenerate the reminders that were deleted in the web-based ParentVUE application.

Student Info

The Student Info screen displays the student’s demographic information, emergency contacts, and physician information.

  • Tap the Mail icon to send an email to the student's homeroom teacher.
  • Tap Additional Info to view other student data specified by the district.

View Report Card

The Report Card screen shows grades for each term and for progress periods between the quarters for the current school year ONLY.

  • Tap the PDF to view a report card or progress report. 

Note: Nothing will appear ing the Report Card section until report cards are posted.

View Attendance Information

The Attendance screen displays all the days the student was marked absent or tardy and the date for the entry. If your student is enrolled in concurrent schools, attendance information for both schools displays.

  • Tap a day to view more detail.
  • Tap the Email icon to email the instructor.
  • Tap Legend to view descriptions for the icons used on the Attendance screens.
  • Tap Summary to view the Summary screen. This displays totals by period for each attendance reason.

View Grade Book

The Grade Book screen keeps track of the student’s grades, assignments, and posted test scores. This screen only displays if your district uses Grade Book.

Note: If your are enrolled in concurrent schools, use the field at the top to select which school ti view. 

Class Grades

  1. Tap on the name of the class.
  2. Tap Assignment View to view the assignments for the class.
  3. Tap an assignment to view the assignment details.


  1. Tap the term to view a list of assignments and tests for that class.
  2. Tap the Share icon to share the assignment information.
  3. Tap the Email icon to email the teacher.
  4. Tap Summary to see the posted grades for the assignment.

Daily Assignments 

Tap Daily Assignments on the Navigation screen to display the current day only.

  1. Tap an assignment to view more details.
  2. Tap Change Student to select another child if using ParentVUE.
  3. Tap the Scroll icon to quickly scroll to the end of the list.
  4. Tap the Filter icon to select a filter and narrow the list of assignments to view. You can show only missing assignments or select a single class to view.

Note: Reset the filter by tapping Clear All Filters.

View Calendar

The Calendar screen displays the important details of the school day, including the student’s current schedule and any assignments due on the current date.

  • Tap Today to view the day’s details.
  • Tap on any day to view the events for that day.
  • Tap the Calendar icon at the top right to alternate between Month and Day view.
  • Tap Reminders to add reminders.
    • Enter the Message.
    • Select the Date and Time.
    • Tap Save

Note: Reminders save to  your local device and do no synchronize with the server.

Web Browser Navigation Instructions

Log Into Account

1. Visit the StudentVUE Portal.

StudentVUE Portal

2. Select the preferred language at the bottom, if necessary. The screen default is English.

3. Select an option: I am a student>>.

4. Log in to your account. If you already activated your account, enter the User Name (district Gmail address) and Password. Click Login

StudentVUE Home Screen

After logging on to the web portal or activating an account, parents see the Home tab of the StudentVUE portal.

Screenshot of StudentVUE Homescreen

➊ The Navigation bar contains links to display your records.

➋ The My Account tab accesses your account information

➌ The Help tab directs you to the Help screen, which contains information provided by the district.

➍ All screens contain Logout, Contact, and Privacy links.

➎ For additional languages select one at  the bottom of  the StudentVUE screen.

➏ You can enable Accessibility Mode, if needed.

View Achnowledgements

Acknowledgements notify parents and students of documents that require a response to confirm that they have viewed the document.

Note: Certain acknowledgements only display for students in a specific grade level. 

After logging into StudentVUE, the Acknowledgement page displays a message with a downloadable document to view.

  1. Click the link to download the document.
  2. Read the document.
  3. Select the appropriate response.

Not all acknowledgements allow you to decline or skip a response.

  • Some acknowledgements require an electronic signature before you click agree or decline. Enter your name as it displays in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • If you skip an acknowledgement, the message displays the next time you login.
  • After you reply, a list of Acknowledged Documents is available on the My Account and Documents pages. It displays the Date, Time, Document, and their Response to the acknowledgement.

Manage Student Information

The Student Info page displays the student’s demographic information. The Student Info page in StudentVUE also displays the emergency contact and physician information.

Parents can request to make changes to their child’s information through the Online Student Verification tab. Students cannot make changes.

View Course History Information

The Course History page displays all of a secondary student’s courses, the grades received for all years and all schools, the cumulative GPA, and graduation ranking.

1. Click Course History on the Navigation bar.

2. Select Detail to view additional detail for Graduation Status, Test Requirements, or  Student Course History. The Graduation Status section provides detailed credit and test requirements information, if appropriate to the student's school grade level. This is the same information that displays on the student's transcript. 

3. Select Detail in the Student Course History section. Each course displays with the Mark earned, Credit Attempted and Credit Completed.

4. Use the second scroll bar to scroll down to the bottom to see all classes. 

View Attendance Information

The Attendance page displays the student’s attendance records. Information displays in two main sections. The Attendance Calendar displays a visual record of absences for the student. The Totals by Course and Period section displays attendance totals by course and period. You can also view the attendance total by days in the Days of Attendance section.

1. Click Attendance in the Navigation bar.

2. Click the right or left arrows to scroll between months, or select the Focus menu to select a month to view.

3. Hover over a course in the Totals by Course section to view absence details.

4. Select Detail in the Days of Attendance section. The icons indicate the attendance information for that  period and date.

View Class Schedules

The Class Schedule page lists the period, course title, room name, and the teacher for each class. Secondary schedule information displays all courses the student takes in the semester.

1. Click Class Schedule in the Navigation bar.

2. Click the Term abbreviation (for example, 1st Qtr, 1st Semester, 3rd Qtr, 2nd Semester) to view a different semester’s schedule.

  • The schedule lists the Period, Course Title, Room Name, and the Teacher.
  • The staff member associated with the incident displays as a communication link

Note: Elementary schedule information typically displays only one course in the class schedule, labeled with the student's grade. 

View Report Cards

Select Report Card on the Navigation bar to view the Report Card page to see grades for each term and progressive periods.

Note: Only current year report cards are visible. Last year's report cards are in the Documents Tab.

  • Section-based report cards display the period, course title, room name, teacher, marks, conduct, citizenship, and work habits. A grade legend displays at the bottom of the screen.

  • Standards-based report cards display the standard and the associated mark. These are typically used in elementary schools.

  • Select Click here to view report card for <<term/period>> to print the report card for the current term or period. This only displays if a PDF report card is available for the term.


View Calendar

Click Calendar in the Navigation bar to open the student's calendar. This page displays the important details of the school day, such as graded and non-graded assignments for the selected student.

Screenshot of Calendar

➊Use the options at the top of the calendar to filter the information displayed by Teacher/Class, Assignment Type, and whether the assignment is Missing, Due, or Scoreless.

➋Click the Day, Week, or Monthly icons to change the view. The calendar displays Monthly by default.

  • The Weekly view lists all assignments for the week. To scroll forward or backward, click the arrows next to the name of the week.
  • The Daily view lists all assignments for the day. To scroll forward or backward, click the arrows next to the name of the day.

➌Select the Month to view, or use the arrows to move forward or back through the calendar.

➍Click the Week icon to see the details for a specific week.

➎Click the icon in the top-left corner of the calendar to return to today’s date.

View Grade Book

1. Click Grade Book on the Navigation bar to show grades for each grading period and progress period. The screen opens to the current grade period.

2. Click any available quarter or progress period to view another summary.

3. Click a Subject or Course Title link. The Assignment View displays the assignments for the class. The Category Weighting graph shows the assignment type, current grade, and percentage of grade.

4. Select an assignment that has a date in the Drop Box column to upload documents to assignments.

  • Select a location for the document.
  • Enter the credentials to authenticate, if requested.
  • Select the document to upload to the dropbox.

5. Click an Assignment. The Assignment Detail screen displays.

  • Assignment Detail– The summary displays the information for the assignment, including the Course, Period, and Teacher.
  • Standards–Standards associated with the assignment display in this section, if available. See Standards View.
  • Resources– Electronic files or links to a website display in this section, if available.
  • Digital Drop Box– Electronic files posted for the assignment display in this section

Standards View                                                                                                      

Click Standards View to view standards aligned with the subject area. If your child’s teacher uses standards grading, click here. Note not all teachers use standards gradi

  • Expand the standard information to see the details of the assignments and the progress towards meeting them.
  • Click an assignment to view the Assignment Detail.


Any Grade Book scoring rubrics used display on the Grade Book Assignment Detail.      

View Messages or Alerts

Click Messages in the Navigation bar. This page displays important district/classroom messages and emails.

  • The number of unread messages displays on the Navigation bar.
  • Read messages display with an open envelope.
  • Unread messages display with a closed envelope.
  • Select the message to view the details.
  • Click the X to remove a message.

Note: After opening and viewing the message, the message will disappear in two weeks.

Emails Teachers

You can send email to teachers and staff by clicking the Email icon next to their name. A message compose window opens in your designated email program, such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail.