Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction is responsible for programs and initiatives designed to improve instruction and student learning. Curriculum & Instruction is foundational work of the Teaching, Learning & Leadership department which is deeply committed to ensure student success leading to college and career readiness.

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Our Promise

EVERY STUDENT in Highline Public Schools is known by NAME, STRENGTH and NEED, and graduates prepared for the future they choose.

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Selection & Adoption of Instructional Materials

There are many powerful, personalized ways we can provide instructional materials for students. We strive to ensure our students have access to the best possible tools for learning.

Our curriculum adoption process is guided by Board Policy 2020 and Procedure 2020, which states:

Curriculum and instructional materials should be regularly reviewed to ensure their ongoing alignment with state law, learning and teaching standards, research-based best practices, graduation requirements, and board priorities, and to ensure continuous improvement of student outcomes.

The selection and adoption process is guided by the Instructional Materials Committee, or the IMC. The IMC's structure and work is described in the Procedure:

Instructional Materials Committee (IMC): The IMC is appointed by the Superintendent/designee. Its purpose is to review coursework and curricula on a regular schedule, to create and oversee adoption committees as needed, and to and approve the final recommendation for core instructional materials as needed. To that end, the IMC may create adoption committees as needed to research and review potential instructional materials. The IMC will ensure that adoption committees consider a wide range of resources, including digital resources, and that they consider principles of Universal Design for Learning in reviewing and recommending instructional materials.

The IMC’s chief responsibility is to ensure that the district’s coursework aligns with standards, state law, board policies, and the district’s strategic goals, and to ensure that any adoption processes are complete and comprehensive.

On a regular and ongoing basis, the IMC will review coursework and curricula to ensure vertical and horizontal alignment, and alignment to standards, state requirements, and board policies. If a materials adoption is required, the IMC will also approve screening criteria to identify and eliminate bias based on sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal.

Current IMC members include:

  • Anne Arnold, Director of Pre-K and Elementary Success
  • Janet Blanford, Director of Secondary Success and College Readiness
  • Christie Brown, Highly Capable Program Specialist (Teacher)
  • Jami Haskin, Instructional Resource Manager
  • Rebekah Kim, Executive Director of Teaching Learning & Leadership
  • Bernard Koontz, Executive Director of Teaching Learning & Leadership
  • Sandra Rabago, Teacher
  • Jenniffer Reinig, Executive Director of Teaching Learning & Leadership
  • Todd Saunders, Teacher

Board Policy 2020

Procedure 2020 

Technology in the Classroom

We are committed to offering student-centered learning environments by providing innovative classroom environments and leveraging digital tools. We believe this is powerful because:

  • It teaches and prepares students to be digital and media literate 
  • Technology can both help recover and accelerate student progress.
  • Students can continue their learning during class time, extended time, or outside the school day.
  • Technology can drive lessons or practice directly at each individual student's level.
  • Employing the correct tools in a strong instructional model can lead to better personalization, differentiation, and therefore student achievement.

Digital Tools



Meet Our Teaching, Learning & Leadership Team

Susanne Jerde
Chief Academic Officer

Cheryl Schindel
Executive Assistant

Bernard Koontz
Executive Director of Teaching Learning & Leadership - Language Learning, CTE, Secondary Initiatives, Secondary Success and College and Career Readiness, Arts, Health and Fitness

Jenniffer Reinig
Executive Director of Teaching Learning & Leadership - Special Education, PreK/Elementary Success, Social Emotional Learning, Highly Capable Programming

Kimberly Kinzer
Executive Director of Teaching Learning & Leadership - Data and Assessment, Leadership Pathway

Rebekah Kim
Executive Director of Teaching Learning & Leadership - Data and Assessment, Personalized Learning and Differentiation 

Ben Guyan
Instructional Leadership Executive Director - Cascade, CHOICE Academy, Evergreen, New Start, PSSC, Raisbeck Aviation, STEPS, Sylvester, VITAL, Waskowitz, WELS

Laurie Morrison
Instructional Leadership Executive Director - Beverly Park, Cedarhurst, Gregory Heights, Hazel Valley, Mount View, Seahurst, Shorewood, Southern Heights, White Center Heights, Valley View Early Learning. 

Deborah Rumbaugh
Instructional Leadership Executive Director - Big Picture, Chinook, Glacier, Highline, Mount Rainier, Pacific, Tyee

Pete Misner
Instructional Leadership Executive Director - Bow Lake, Des Moines, Hilltop, Madrona, Marvista, McMicken Heights, Midway, North Hill, Parkside

Anne Arnold
Director of PreK & Elementary Success

Janet Blanford
Director of Secondary Success & College Readiness

Doug Judge
Director of Social-Emotional Learning

Julie Hunter
Director of Secondary Initiatives 

Chance Gower
Director of Career & Technical Education

Gaye Bungart
Director of Special Education

Kristin Percy Calaff
Director of Language Learning 

Colin Ryan
Director of Title I/LAP & ESSA