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Family Resources: At-Home Supports

Welcome families to our Social-Emotional Learning family resources. Below you will find multiple ways to support your student and their learning at home and in the community.

We invite you to share with us so we can learning from your histories, knowledge and experiences. We are at our best when we are learning together in community. We look forward to partnership with you to improve what we are doing at school. Please reach out to us directly via email.


General Resources

Explore the resources below to be used at home.

Below are resources that were shared by the Washington Education Association (WEA). 

Talking About Race (From the National Museum of African American History & Culture): includes learnings and resources for parents & caregivers, educators and anyone committed to equity. No matter where you are on your journey, you can explore topics.

Family-Care, Community-Care, and Self-Care Toolkit: Healing from the Face of Cultural Trauma (Prepared by the Community Healing Network, Emotional Emancipations Circles, and The Association of Black Psychologist)

Racial Stress and Self-Care: Parent Tip Tool (from the American Psychological Association - RESilience)

BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective) has some wonderful journal prompts, affirmations, toolkits, worksheets and more!

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Behavior Supports

Students who learn best when they have snacks

Try let them!

  • Make a standing work-station (at a counter, remove the chair, etc.)
  • Offer breaks to move in your space (could be taking a walk, push-ups, jumping jacks, etc.)
  • Allow them to move to an different work area, such as sitting on the floor
Strategies for students who learn best when they know what time things happen, or what comes next

Try to set them up to know their schedule and times!

  • Use phone timers
  • Use visual timers or stopwatches
  • Make a schedule or task list they can write on or mark off
Strategies for students who learn best when they have noise in the background

Try to give them some noise!

  • Use headphones with soft music (or what you know works)
  • Leave music or TV on quietly in the background

Nelsen, J., & Lott, L. (2000). Positive discipline for teenagers : empowering your teens and yourself through kind and firm parenting. Three Rivers Press.

RULER - Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Virtual Calming Tools