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PE5720: Weight Training 2

Course Description

Want to pump some iron? If you like to hit the weights and are motivated to get bigger- faster- or stronger then sign up for Weight Training 2! This course is designed to teach students specialized knowledge and skills in designing personalized resistance training programs. Students will demonstrate knowledge in developing personalized weight training programs based upon individual goals and fitness status. Students will demonstrate knowledge in more advanced levels of muscular anatomy and function- strength training principles- program design- and correct weight-lifting technique and safety. Students will demonstrate competency in planning- implementing- assessing- and modifying individualized resistance training programs. Fitness conditioning and cooperation activities are integrated throughout the course. Pre-requisite: Weight Training 1.

Essential Standards

Standard 1: Students will demonstrate competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

  • Games and Sports
    • Refine activity-specific movement skills in two or more games and sports (invasion, net/wall, field/striking, target).PE1.1.HS2
  • Individual-Performance Activities
    • Refine activity-specific movement skills in two or more individual performance activities. PE1.2.HS2
  • Outdoor Pursuits
    • Refine activity-specific movement skills in two or more outdoor pursuits. PE1.3.HS2

Standard 2: Students will apply knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics related to movement and performance.

  • Strategies and Tactics
    • Create and apply multiple offensive and defensive strategies for game play. PE2.1.HS2
  • Movement Performance
    • Use movement concepts to develop a plan to improve advanced performance skill in a self-selected skill. PE2.2.HS2
  • Movement Concepts
    • Create plan to improve performance of a self-selected motor skill. PE2.3.HS2
  • Training Principles and Knowledge
    • Apply training principles and knowledge to two or more self-selected activities. PE2.4.HS2

Standard 3: Students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.

  • Benefit of Physical Activity
    • Evaluate benefits of a physically active lifestyle as it relates to college or career productivity. PE3.1.HS2
  • Physical Activity in the Community
    • Evaluate (according to benefits, social support, and participation requirements) activities that can be pursued in the local environment. PE3.2.HS2
  • Physical Activity for a Lifetime
    • Evaluate barriers to physical activity throughout the life span and promote strategies to overcome them. PE3.3.HS2
  • Engagement in Physical Activity
    • Create a plan, train for, and participate in a community event with a focus on physical activity. PE3.4.HS2
  • Health-Related Fitness
    • Analyze recovery heart rate in relationship to fitness level and overall health. PE3.5.HS2a
    • Analyze types of muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility exercises for personal fitness development. PE3.5.HS2b
  • Training Principles
    • Use training principles (overload, specificity, progression, reversibility, diminishing return, rest, and recovery) to design a personal workout. PE3.6.HS2
  • Engagement in Fitness Activities
    • Participate regularly in a variety of self-selected fitness activities outside of school. PE3.7.HS2
  • Individual Plan
    • Design and implement a strength, conditioning, and nutrition plan that develops balance in opposing muscle groups (agonist and antagonist) and supports a healthy, active lifestyle to maintain or improve body composition. PE3.8.HS2

Standard 4: Students will exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.

  • Personal Responsibility
    • Analyze barriers that prevent opportunities for physical activity inside and outside of school. PE4.1.HS2
  • Rules and Etiquette
    • Examine moral and ethical conduct in specific competitive situations. PE4.2.HS2
  • Working with Others
    • Assume a leadership role in a physical activity setting. PE4.3.HS2a
    • Describe the importance of treating individuals with dignity and respect during physical activity. PE4.3.HS2b
  • Safety
    • Apply best practices for participating safely in physical activity and exercise. PE4.4.HS2

Standard 5: Students will recognize the value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction.

  • Challenge
    • Choose an appropriate level of challenge to experience success in a self-selected physical activity. PE5.1.HS2
  • Self-Expression and Enjoyment
    • Participate in a self-selected physical activity for self-expression and enjoyment. PE5.2.HS2
  • Social Interaction
    • Evaluate opportunities for social interaction and social support in a self-selected physical activity. PE5.3.HS2