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In-district Transfer Request Form



Student Information

Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
If you don't have an ID number, please put N/A.​
Requested School Yearrequired
Your neighborhood school could be the same or different than your current school. If you are unsure what your neighborhood school is, you can find it in our interactive school lookup tool.
Is the Student New to the District?required
Does the student have an IEP?required
Is the student an English Language Learner (ELL)?required
Does the student participate in athletics?required
Student Placement and transfer status may impact your student’s eligibility for athletics. Please read the Washington Interscholastic Athletics Association (WIAA) documents on the Student Eligibility webpage. If your student has participated in athletics, at either the school or club/ community level, you will be required to complete the New Student Athlete Form. If you have questions regarding athletic eligibility after reviewing the Before you ENROLL and Before you WITHDRAW WIAA documents, please contact the Director of Athletics at 206-631-3014. Recruiting: If a current coach has spoken to you about moving schools, this is defined as recruiting. Transferring schools based on contact from a coach will lead to a full year of ineligibility for the student.

Parent Information

Parent/Guardian Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
Please include area code.
For notification of approval/denial
Correspondence Languagerequired

Transfer Information

Transfer CategoriesrequiredFor category explanation please see Procedure 3132P, linked above
For category explanation please see Procedure 3132P, linked above
Provider Namerequired
Transportation Provided:required
If you marked "Extenuating Circumstance" above, please select an additional category and explain.

Continuation - New Address

 It is your responsibility to update your address by providing your student’s current school with proper documentation.

Any of the following can be used for address verification: (1) Official court documents establishing a legal guardianship and the guardian’s residency. (2) Documents of public agencies; e.g., courts, Department of Social and Health Services medical coupon or rent voucher, a public utility bill, waste management, or power bill, etc., showing parent’s or guardian’s or adult student’s name and address. (3) A copy of a residential rent or lease agreement, signed by the landlord, showing the parent or guardian or adult student’s name and mailing address. A post office box is not acceptable for this purpose. (4) Final documents showing purchase or construction AND occupancy of a home at a specific address for the parent(s) or guardian(s) or adult student.​​​

Name of Employerrequired
Harassment, intimidation, or bullying or safety: Please review:
Please provide an explanation of your hardship circumstances
What program would you like your child to be in?
Please be aware that if your student attends one of the dual language (DL) partner schools, families request enrollment into a DL school through a different department. More information can be found on our district website.  
Falsification of Conditions of Circumstances Notification: 

Falsification of an address or residence (or conditions of circumstances) to obtain a school assignment will be cause for the revocation of the student’s school assignment and return to the proper school of assignment and forfeiture of any future transfer rights through the highest grade level of that school. If needed, you may email additional documentation to:
I have read the above statement.