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Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Facilities Services

Each member of our 160+ staff plays a keys role in maintaining our facilities. We are all dedicated and committed to providing a safe, clean and well maintained environment for our staff and students.


The maintenance staff is comprised of 37 talented and highly experienced individuals, who maintain over 2.5 million square feet of building space.  Each member serves in 1 of 11 different trade and craft-oriented areas.  

Maintenance FAQ

What to do if I see graffiti at my child’s school?

Please contact the Facilities Service office at 206-631-7501, during the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. Our office staff will enter a work order, and a member of our Paint Shop will address it immediately.

Are helium balloons permitted in the schools?

No, helium balloons are not permitted in any of the Highline Public schools facilities.  They cause false security alarms, by interfering with motion sensors; they could also set off an actual fire alarm in the gyms.

How do I report exterior lighting that is still turned on, during the day, when school is not in session?

Please contact the Facilities Service office at 206-631-7501, during the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. If after hours, contact District Security, at 206-631-7600.

Is the public allowed to use district ladders or man lifts, to decorate the school(s) for an event(s), i.e. school dance?

No, due to risk management and liability to the district. For your safety, all such equipment may only be used and/or operated by trained Facilities employees.  


The grounds crew are 13 highly dedicated team members who maintain 600+ acres of grounds, athletic fields, and playground equipment; and, are our first-responders during inclement weather. Our district is divided into 3 zones:  North, Center and South.

Grounds FAQ

A tree/bush has fallen on my property, from district property. What do I do?

All limbs, debris, that are over your property line or fence line, must be taken care of by owner/resident of the home.  Likewise, if the limb or bush were to fall on district property, Facilities would take care of the portion, hanging or fallen on our property.

Since the Grounds staff is already mowing the school, can they mow my yard adjacent to the property?

No, our crew is only permitted to take care of issues on actual district property. They are not able to work on private property.

How often do the grounds get fertilized?

The grounds are fertilized three times per year, when school is not in session.

Are grounds technicians trained in applying pesticides?

Yes, they are required to obtain a pesticide certification license, and receive additional training each year, to maintain their license.

What pesticides are used on school grounds?

Here is a list of pesticides we use on our school grounds:

  • Pro-Max Round Up (EPA Reg. # 524-529)
  • Surflan A S (EPA Reg # 70506-43)
  • Wasp Freeze (EPA Reg # 499-362)
  • XL 2G (EPA Reg # 70506-45)
  • Strike 3 (EPA Reg # 228-455)
  • Casaron 4G (EPA Reg # 400-168)
  • Level 7 (EPA Reg # 1381-05002)
  • Ferrous Sulphate (EPA Reg # N/A)

Does Facilities have an inclement weather plan?

Yes, we closely monitor the weather forecast. When inclement weather is predicted, we have all night crew custodians concentrate on health areas and trash only, and then go spread ice melt on all sidewalks around the perimeter of the school, including the bus loop.  The following morning, all grounds, and maintenance begin their work day early.  They start clearing snow according to the bell schedules:  1) High schools 2) Middle schools and finally the Elementary schools. Once completed each team returns to their first schools to verify they are still safe.  In addition, the district has an open purchase order with a contractor to remove snow from parking lots, and we also have a portable de-icer, that can be transported in our district trucks.  The safety of our students, staff and parents are a main priority.


The Highline custodial staff is 100+ hard-working and devoted members who are our eyes and ears at each site; making sure our students have a safe and sanitary environment to learn in.

Operations FAQ

What kind of cleaners and disinfectants do the custodians use to clean the schools?

We transitioned to all green rated cleaning supplies over 10 years ago. The only chemical we use that is not green rate is a disinfectant. Due to the amount of germs and the extent of disinfecting needed in a public school, we use one that will protect against a variety of illnesses. In addition, Clorox wipes are not permitted in any of our classrooms. Please do not buy or add them to your child(ren) school supplies.

Should I send hand sanitizer with my student to school?

We prefer you do not. The Health Department has stated that children feel they do not need to wash their hands, if it is used. This is not the case, hand washing is still recommended.

Warehouse Services

Facilities services warehouse drivers

Our warehouse team is a group of courteous and friendly employees, consisting of 4 drivers and 1 Warehouse Lead.  They are responsible for the safe transport of our district’s Nutrition Services goods, courier/district mail, and requested supplies for events, manage the district surplus storage and act as central receiving for all locations, as needed.

Warehouse Services FAQ

May I donate items to the district, and can the warehouse driver’s pick them up from my location?

This is permitted on a case-by-case scenario only.  For additional information, please contact the Facilities Service office at 206-631-7501, during the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.   

Resource Conservation Management

Our conservation policy and procedures support resource conservation helps us save money, so funds can be redirected to students and classrooms. Resource conservation also provides opportunities for students to learn to be wise stewards of resources.  Our energy conservation efforts from September 2015 through January 2018 have resulted in energy cost avoidance of over $575,000.  We are working to gather water data and will provide cost avoidance figures once complete.

Resource Conservation Management FAQ

What is the district currently doing in regards to Resource Conservation Management?

We are working to maximize energy efficiency and utility cost across all schools. In 2015, we partnered with a local consultant to provide support for the resource conservation management (RCM) program. The RCM program has been successful in identifying and implementing changes that are building on years of energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction efforts.

Our district, along with our RCM partner, has completed extensive studies and investigations of energy upgrades to improve the overall facilities efficiency and operations of our buildings.  The solutions have resulted in lower utility use, and facility operational cost, as well as improved building systems performance, to ensure occupant comfort.  

Why is Resource Conservation Management important?

Conservation practices set good examples for students and teach them responsibility and accountability.  Being aware and using what we need and no more, enables all of us to take an active role in reducing utility costs, saving resources and having a positive impact on operations.


Yvette El Moujahid
Maintenance Supervisor - Grounds & Operations

Kurt Rauschenberg
Maintenance Supervisor - Maintenance & Resource Conservation Management

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