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Safety & Security Upgrades

The 2016 bond will provide safety and security improvements at all schools in the district.

  • Every school will get an upgraded video surveillance system to improve monitoring inside and outside each building. 
  • Electronic locks will be installed on every classroom door in the district.


Classroom doors in older buildings can only be locked with a key from the outside. That means the teacher has to open the door and exit the classroom to lock the door in an emergency situation. Classroom door locks in newer buildings have electronic capability which has not been activated. Bond funding will enable the district to install electronic locks on classrooms that don't have them and purchase a system activating all locks. 


Phase 1--Spring & Summer 2018

  • Add interior deadbolt locks to all classrooms with doors to the outside, as needed. (Completed Summer 2018)

    This included the following locations:
    • New Start High School
    • Big Picture Schools
    • Beverly Park Elementary
    • Hilltop Elementary
    • Southern Heights Elementary
    • Des Moines Elementary
  • Begin competitive bid process to select a vendor to provide automatic door locks and electronic card readers at entrances of all schools, as well as video surveillance upgrades.

Phase 2--Fall 2018 to Fall/Winter 2019

  • Activate and integrate existing electronic card readers and automatic door locks on exterior entrances to the 15 schools that had card readers installed when built.
  • Install automatic door locks and electronic card readers at entrance doors of all schools. (At least six per school.)
  • Upgrade existing video surveillance systems as needed from analog to digital and install video surveillance in buildings with none.
  • Update all interior classroom doors with electronic locks, which can be locked remotely by security or the school office.

Locking solutions may differ depending on the school configuration. For example, at Tyee High School with its smaller, round classroom buildings, safety will be improved by outfitting more exterior entrances with electronic access pads rather than interior locking classroom doors. Electronic locks will not be installed at the old Highline High School and Des Moines Elementary, since these schools will be replaced by new bond-funded construction.

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