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2017-18 CFAC

With passage of the 2016 school bond based on the committee's recommendations, the next job for the community-led Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) was to recommend new boundaries to accommodate two new schools.

CFAC members held 12 committee meetings in 2017-18 to draft new school boundaries for fall 2019. Their work included asking for public input through 10 community meetings and an online feedback tool, then revising their draft plan.

CFAC presented recommended boundary changes and supplemental considerations to the school board on June 6, 2018. The school board voted to approve the new boundaries on June 27, 2018. The boundary changes will take effect fall 2019.

Committee Charge

Members were selected by community organizations and by lottery from each high school service area. Each signed a charge to consider the good of the whole district ahead of personal or local benefit. The committee charge was to:

  • Review proposed boundary changes necessary due to new school construction
  • Complete Phases 3 and 4 of the long-range facilities plan. 
  • Monitor progress on Phase 1 design, planning, and construction
  • Elect CFAC representatives to serve on the Oversight Committee

Members focused on finalizing recommended boundary changes, and did not complete phases 3 and 4 of the long-range plan in their 2017-18 work.

2017-18 Membership

2017-2018 CFAC Membership List

Members Selected by Lottery

  • Michel Hansmire
  • Jen Pilgrim
  • Rose Clark
  • Jim Daligcon
  • Karla Ohrt
  • Tonita Webb
  • Nora Vivarelli
  • Shane Stender
  • Jennifer Hefford-Anderson
  • Omaha Sternberg
  • Judy Nguyen
  • Donald Henning
  • Chris Cruz
  • Darryl Felix
  • Tsehainesh Tesfamariam
  • Liz Steppe
  • Cheryl Forbes
  • Terri Hewitt

Appointed Student Representatives

  • Paola Cisneros Lepe, Student Representative, Tyee High School 
  • My Linh Quach, Student Representative, Evergreen High School
  • Sarah Fikre or Katalia Alexander, Student Representative, Mount Rainier High School
  • Unfilled, Student Representative, Highline High School

Members Appointed by Organizations

  • Aaron Garcia, YES for Highline Representative
  • Maria Santiago, Highline Council PTA & Highline Special Needs PTA Representative
  • Erik Enghusen, Teamsters Representative
  • Susan Andrews, Highline Education Association Representative
  • Michael Sita, Principal’s Association Representative
  • Lois Schipper, King County Council Representative 
  • Mike Ruff, City of Burien Representative
  • Michelle Sipes-Marvin, City of Normandy Park Representative
  • Unfilled, City of Des Moines Representative
  • Unfilled, City of SeaTac Representative


Highline invited all CFAC members who served in 2015-16 to serve for another one-year term in 2017-18.

If a member was appointed to CFAC by a community organization or city and wished to step down early in the process, that organization was invited to appoint a new representative. If a member chosen by lottery decided to step down, that position was refilled from the lottery wait list by service area. 

A drawing was held on June 7, 2017. Nine new members were selected by lottery. There were a total of 33 CFAC membership positions initially in 2017-2018, concluding with 29 members. We stopped refilling empty positions in spring 2018 since CFAC depends on background knowledge acquired in the meeting process. 

Between our representatives chosen by lottery and our appointed members who represent jurisdictions and organizations, the committee had representation from all four service areas in our district. 

2018 Recommendations & Supplemental Considerations

The Capital Facilities Advisory Committee recommended a boundary plan (view maps and feeder plan) to the school board in June 2018, to take effect fall 2019. 

With the boundary plan they included the following supplemental considerations:

  • This plan perpetuates an inequity that has existed in our district for decades. CFAC was unable to come to consensus on a solution to this inequity.
  • CFAC does not represent the demographics of the community.
  • CFAC recommends that the south end Challenge program move to the new Des Moines Elementary School.
  • CFAC encourages the district to ensure that students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are served as close to their residence as possible.
  • CFAC recommends that students who live within sight of a school have priority for in-district transfer as a hardship.
  • CFAC encourages the district to consider redistribution of financial and other resources to address the known gaps that exist between schools.