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2018-19 CFAC

During the 2018-19 session of the community-led Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC), members from across the district worked together to prioritize future construction needs for Highline Public Schools. The task was to update a list of capital facilities priorities from 2016, based on current information. The goal was for members to report their long-range recommendations for a future bond to the school board in spring 2019.

In June 2019, CFAC members recommended to the school board which school buildings should be replaced in the next school bond.

2018-19 Membership & Recommendations


2018-2019 CFAC Membership List

Members Selected by Lottery

  • Michel Hansmire, 2015 lottery
  • Jen Pilgrim, 2015 lottery
  • Rose Clark, 2015 lottery
  • Jim Daligcon, 2015 lottery
  • Karla Ohrt, 2015 lottery
  • Tonita Webb, 2015 lottery
  • Nora Vivarelli, 2015 lottery
  • Shane Stender, 2017 lottery
  • Omaha Sternberg, 2017 lottery
  • Donald Henning, 2017 lottery
  • Darryl Felix, 2017 lottery
  • Cheryl Forbes, 2017 lottery
  • Terri Hewitt, 2017 lottery
  • Mika Sundberg, 2018 lottery
  • Robert Evans, 2018 lottery
  • Chris Gover, 2018 lottery
  • Deborah Sibanda, 2018 lottery
  • Norma Aguilar, 2018 lottery
  • Alecia Bolton, 2018 lottery
  • Margo Fincher, 2018 lottery

Appointed Student Representatives

  • Jameela Golden, Tyee High School Service Area
  • Jacob Tuaua, Evergreen High School Service Area
  • Nathalie Paradise, Mount Rainier High School Service Area
  • Erica Reynoso-Andrade, Highline High School Service Area

Members Appointed by Organizations

  • Pulemae Savusa, Our Future Matters
  • Miguel Diaz De Leon, Southwest Youth & Family Services/New Futures
  • Margarita Rodriguez, Para Los Niños
  • Danelia Salazar, OneAmerica
  • To be named, Somali Parent Education Board
  • Aaron Garcia, YES for Highline
  • Maria Santiago, Highline Council PTA
  • Paul Gray, Highline Special Needs PTA
  • Erik Enghusen, Teamsters
  • Sandy Hunt, Highline Education Association
  • Michael Sita, Principal’s Association
  • Lois Schipper, King County Council 
  • Elizabeth Leavitt, Port of Seattle/SeaTac Airport
  • Mike Ruff, City of Burien
  • Michelle Sipes-Marvin, City of Normandy Park
  • To be named, White Center Community Development Association 
  • To be named, City of Des Moines
  • To be named, City of SeaTac

If a lottery member needs to step down early in the process, an alternate will be called up from the service area list by order of selection. If an appointed member needs to step aside early in the process, the organization will be invited to appoint a new representative. 

Process & Alternates

We held a lottery on September 27, 2018 to refill six open lottery seats on the Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC). We received 85 entries. Below is the list of names as drawn. Some of these names were notified of the six openings, and their names are on the list of members. Seats were not open in all service areas as we try to balance representation between the geographic areas of our district. We will use this list order to contact people if a lottery seat opens in their service area early in this school year. 


1. Tafa Brown

2. Liliana Felix

3. Kamille Dye

4. Pierre Mariani

5. Keneshia Phillips

6. Maileann Waiau

7. Ashley Chau

8. Michael Davey

9. Victor Servin

10. William Stagi

11. Adrienne Peck

12. Simetress Roberson

13. Kalvin Singh

14. Maria Aguiniga


1. Kim Foley

2. Mika Sundberg

3. Julie Nguyen

4. Robert Evans

5. Shan-e-Zahra Alavi

6. Firomsa Geleta

7. Krishna Lopez

8. Deka Sheikh

9. VanMarie Read-McArthur

10. Asmeret Habte

11.   Sam Ostrander

12. Zakeea Sykes

13. Marci Anderson Youngstrom

14. Lidia Palma

15. Tania Castillo

16. Ana Patricia Godinez Chavez

17. Veronica Castenada

18. Vicki Binns

19. Ahmed Yusuf

20. Emily Inlow-Hood

21. Rashid Elmi

22. Jaime Munana

23. Arlyn Rosa Marquez

24. Rosisela Armas

25. Thuy Ho

26. Hernan Armas

27. Janeth Angeles

28. Tsehainesh Tesfamariam

Mount Rainier

1. Margo Fincher

2. Michael Hite

3. Guy Spencer

4. Kristen Price

5. Beatriz Vargas

6. Shana Emery

7. Carrielyn Louie

8. Georgia Davenport

9. James Nesbitt

10. Pattie Zimmerman

11. Wella Ankien

12. Stella Hopkins

13.   Erich Behrens

14. Desiree Becker

15. Rob Rovig

16. Nathan Lommen

17. Neil-Garwood Unger

18. Brooke Marjamaa

19. Courtney Lemus

20. Lanya McKittrick

21. Steven Droppelman

22. Osiris Cuevas

23. Steven Jackson

24. Tiffany Marcus

25. Jessica Tossey

26. Phetsamouth Kaiphaniliam

27. Angie Lynde-ginal

28. Sarah Edwards

29. Erik Ruffing

30. Jerrica Pierson Seegee


1. Amy Williams

2. Chris Gover

3. Samson Yesuf

4. Maria Perez

5. Deborah Sibanda

6. Norma Aguilar

7. Tammie Moshofsky

8. Alecia Bolton

9. Jennifer Quijano

10. Sanjay Sharma

11. Melissa Metzger

12. Ulalei Maae



  1. Evergreen High School (1200 capacity)
  2. Tyee High School (1200 capacity)
  3. Pacific Middle School (950 capacity)


  • Replace Transportation Building L
  • Expand Sylvester Middle School kitchen
  • Cover emergency repairs
  • Pay for critical maintenance needs



  1. CFAC recommends the school board create a separate process including input from school district staff and both school communities from Southern Heights Elementary and Beverly Park Elementary, to determine the future of the two schools, then provide guidance to CFAC for future bond planning.

  2. CFAC recommends considering the possible construction of a new facility for the Learning Center programs and alternative schools at the Manhattan and Woodside sites in a later bond. CFAC recommends considering the use of some funds in the next bond for exploring this consolidation idea.

  3. CFAC recommends the Evergreen and Tyee educational specifications committees research the idea of designing the high schools with the option of sharing some building systems when Cascade and Chinook middle schools are rebuilt in the future. Representatives from the middle school communities could be included in this conversation, as well as members from CFAC.

More information and link to download CFAC presentation to the school board.